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Festival Synchronised Harvests for Profitable Farming

Updated on January 5, 2020
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The author is a villager, M.Phil. in Botany, MBA Marketing, a certificate in IPR and farming in South India. Natural farming is his passion.

Golden harvests

Happiness is the state of mind which is as a result of the accomplishment of success. Harvests are as a result of hard work of raising crops and managing with hard fieldwork, which is culminating in the successful harvests. It is said that the results of hard work are always sweet.

Farmers are growing different varieties of crops and adopting different cultivation methods to obtain better profits each time. To obtain better harvest as well as better profits, there are different models followed according to the package of practices of farming. In order to obtain profits, supply must be according to the demand and not more than that.

Golden harvest of paddy
Golden harvest of paddy

Bumper crops

We call golden harvest not that the rice and wheat are golden in colour at the time of harvest but because of the harvest livelihoods and profits are golden in value for the farmer. The more earning, the more will be the thrust for growing crops in the ensuing season. This is the reason for which, before sowing the seeds the farmers pray the God for a golden harvest. When the harvest is realised, that will be a happy occasion. So, it will be a harvest festival!

Festivals will be meaningful when required things are available in the market, creating demand. At the time when there is great demand, you could reap golden bumper harvests, nothing else will be equivalent to that.

Premium quality - better price

Reason for growing better varieties with a high-quality commodity is intended to get more earnings from a unit area. Manuring and timely cultural practices, as well as protection of the crop from harmful diseases and pests, help to harvest quality produce. Quality produce is appearing beautiful in terms of visual appeal, as well as in its uses. When it comes to the consumer's point of view, purchasing of premium quality products at premium prices is the proud situation. In this win-win situation, all are happy.

Watermelon for festivals
Watermelon for festivals

More yield - more earning

When it comes to the market demand aspect, the more the yield, the market will be full of products. So, there is no dearth for the commodity in the market. This situation may probably result in an average market price but the overall gain to the farmer will be fulfilled by the quantity of the harvest.

If there is a price fall due to overproduction and dumping, there will be no one to save the farmers. This is where there must be some intervention such as shifting to other markets of value addition to stop losses.

Market demand - lucky income

In the event of high market demand and situations of lower harvests, those who are owning the crops are in an advantageous situation. Some of the storable products are preferred by the farmers for waiting until the market demands for the commodity so that sales prices will benefit them.

Profits for overcoming credits

As far as market profits are concerned seller and the farmer are happy. Profitable markets provide the sellers and farmers with bounteous income which fulfils his family demand as well as savings for the future. These savings not only give him purchasing power but also provide and empower him with confidence to grow the crop in the future also, utilising his farmlands. Savings will come as a boon for repaying the credits and building up of fund balance.

Sustainable strategies

To continue in any venture, one must either have a break-even situation or must get a reasonable profit. It is most essential because the farmer also has to live up to society. The present-day lifestyles and the family demands, as well as the future of the next generation of the farmers, depends solely on continued income. The social situation demands equality of the farming profession compatible with other professions to have a respectable life. when it progresses in the form of a profitable enterprise there is always a better future.

Festivals to maintain traditions

When we put all the points from the above, it drives to a point of time, which was celebrated as a festival by our forefathers. The festival coincides with the harvest and premium quality commodities are used for celebrating the festivals. Therefore festivals create demand and the demand-driven price increase is observed during festival season.

We have many examples today where every fruits and vegetable are some way or the other associated with festivals. No matter what religion is the crops are there to support every religion in the community. Food crops that have no discrimination whether it is a man or an animal, the crops are there to eliminate hunger and keep everybody happy.

Egyptian onions in Indian market
Egyptian onions in Indian market

Are you ready for the harvest festival?

Do you grow cash crops for the next festival season?

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In the present-day globalised world markets, a festival in a region in the globe attracts the other global markets and inflow of materials comes in search of premium prices from external markets. This is a situation of the advantage of the globalised markets.

Today we have the technology to preserve the harvest for prolonged periods inside the godowns with climate control. Then, the technology supports the holding of the harvest to wait for premium prices in response to the market demand.

Each harvest finds suitability in any one of the global markets. So it is possible to minimise harvest loss and crop loss due to low demand or lack of buyers. It will be easy to find buyers on the Internet.

Demand-driven economy

Educated farmers have well understood the demand-driven economy and acting according to the situation. The days are gone when the farmers used to themselves for growing a certain crop. Now the farmers, dealers, logistics operators and the value chain managers are all well connected to grab every possibility, utilise it to make the situation favourable.

In the situation of pile up in the market, there is always value-added option to process the goods in possible ways and means to extract the economic parts for value addition. Thus, we are in a globalised value chain of the agrarian community.

South Indian banana var. Nendran
South Indian banana var. Nendran

United for the common good

Festivities bring unity among the rural communities. Acting according to the market demand and synchronizing the harvests suit the festival seasons. Harvests fetch demanding markets with the required quantity of material. Advanced planning and support strategies are essential for addressing demand and carry out farming operations. Wiser farming are now needed for global markets to earn profits.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Halemane Muralikrishna


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