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How To Land Your Dream Job Using Google AdWords

Updated on August 18, 2012

A Smart Young Person Wanting to Find His Dream Job

Alec Brownstein wanted to work for a top-notch New York advertising agency. He had the skills, the education, the experience, and the smarts. But with hundreds of resumes flooding prestigious New York advertising agencies every week, how could he cut to the chase and get himself hired, or even noticed? He used Google AdWords. And he found his dream job.

Photo courtesy digi at
Photo courtesy digi at

The Challenges of Looking for a Job

The job seeker has so many venues and approaches to consider.

There are professional networking Internet sites as well as networks that are based on local community interest. There are job sites like, and specialized sites that cater to matching employers with candidates who have like interests. There are local employment agencies, national employment agencies, and international ones, too.

Then there are the many resume versions a job seeker designs to appeal to specific employers, the cover letters, the phone queries, maybe the unending appeals to friends and colleagues for advice about those resumes and cover letters.

Running this gauntlet looking for a job can be daunting, at the least.

Using Google's Tools To Find a Job

This young man, Alec Brownstein, went where no one else had gone when it came to finding the dream job: he invested in Google AdWords to address the employers he'd like to have.

He knew them by name, as any aspiring employee would, and addressed them directly through his Google AdWords campaign.

He used Google AdWords to say a very simple thing, "Hey, Ian Reichenthal (the co-executive creative director at advertising giant Young & Rubicam in New York), Googling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too."

The Young and Rubicam executive, upon Googling himself, saw this personal address, swallowed the bait, clicked on Alec's website that held his portfolio, and hired him.

Alec's only financial investment in securing his job with Young and Rubicam in New York, his dream job, was 6 USD. Pretty impressive.

Alec did this by appealing to the fascination that most all of us have with Googling yourself. Smart young man. His direct approach got the attention of the employers he'd like to work for. And they could not resist his creative approach.

Exactly How Did Alec Brownstein Land His Dream Job?

Take a look at NPR's (National Public Radio) coverage on Alec Brownstein's use of Google AdWords.

And take a look at the brilliant YouTube video Alec created to name names and tell the story of finding his dream job.

Alec's Google Job Experiment

If you should want to hire Alec down the road, you'll no doubt be looking at coughing up a hefty salary.

Using Google's Tools to Shape Your Future

If you have a Google Analytics or AdWords account, then you may see the potential that Alec saw, right away, and also see opportunities that no one else has yet imagined. The sky's the limit.

Google may be the leader in search technology, business acumen, and a think tank of its own, but you are the one with the creativity and insight to use Google's tools to shape your own future. I wonder in what unique direction Google's tools will take you?


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