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Finding Work From Home

Updated on May 18, 2014

Is there any real work from home?

There are many places where people can find work to do from the comfort of their own home. Many companies will hire people to make calls from home, do data entry, freelance writing, editing, and even more. Finding work from home is not a hard thing to do. There are legitimate sites that will help people find scam-free work because they have done the work for you. They have done the research and found out what sources are legitimate and which ones are not.

For the last two years I have been doing a lot of work from home and I have learned the ups and downs of knowing how to find work and what can be the down fall of visiting untrusted sites that are not reputable resources. I want to share with you how I manage to find places that are legit places to find work.

Work From Home Sites

By searching for work from home sites online, people will find sites that have pretty much already done most of the research. Especially if they are reputable sites. Usually the sites that rank high on Google and other search engines are the more reputable sites. The sites can also be researched to see just how credible they are.

A site that list ways to earn money that are just basically a lot of quick rich schemes would not be a great resource. Sites that list scam-free resources and are content rich are usually great places to find work.

Craig's List

Craig's List is a great resource but it still needs to be used with caution. There are many legit jobs there, but there are also many scams there. Here are a few tips that will help you on your job search with Craig's List. When you go there, and click on jobs, make sure you search for work from home jobs. One rule of thumb, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If a job promises to pay you hundreds or thousands of dollars a day, be very cautious about this. The average work from home job will pay up to about $13.00 an hour. There are people that post many types of jobs there including writing and editing jobs, call center jobs, virtual assistant jobs, and various miscellaneous jobs.

Freelance Writing Jobs

There are many freelance writing jobs available. There are places where writers can write articles and earn money. There are legitimate sites that will pay people to review products for money. People will even pay people to be ghost writers. People that do not write very well will pay people to write ebooks, articles, and blog post for them.

Doing a search for freelance writing jobs is a quick and easy way to find writing work from home. I find that there are less scams in this area. Be aware of landing pages which are single page advertisements resembling a single page website that sometimes are not worth even looking into. Signing up with sites like Fiverr will help advertise any writing talents that a person has. That site will pay five dollars for articles, blog entries, reviews, and other talents that a person may have.

Call Center Jobs

There are many businesses that will hire people to do customer service and take calls from home. Liveops and Arise are two legit companies that have been around for a long time. Doing a search for call center jobs will also help. Not every company that is legit will be a member of the Better Business Bureau but knowing that the company is will be comforting.

Usually these companies will require that there is no noise in the background in your home. So if there are small children in the home, they should be in another part of the home while a person is making and taking calls. There are usually full and part-time positions available. Some companies will require the use of headsets and most of them will require the use of high speed internet service.

Data Entry jobs

There are many companies that will hire people to do data entry from home. A search can also be done in this area. Data Plus and Gorge are two places that will hire people to do data entry from home. Most of the time these companies will require that people pass a typing test and they will also need to see how accurate a person is with being able to correctly retrieve and type data. In other words accuracy means everything.

There are also full and part time positions available within these companies. If a person is a parent and home schools children or are disabled, this is a great way to earn a living and save money on gas. If typing speed is a problem, try taking free online typing courses that are available and work on your speed and accuracy.

Avoiding the Scams

Checking out these companies with the Better Business Bureau does not cost a thing. Visit their site here and find out if there are any complaints or problems with the company.

Online searches can also be done to see if the companies have any reviews done on them. There are reviews available on the Better Business Bureau site as well.

Don't Pay Money Upfront

If a company ask for money up front, this could very well be a scam. Most companies will not ask for money upfront. One company that I know will ask for money as a part of the application process is Liveops. They ask for the money for a criminal background check. This is a legit company. They ask for this money because people working for them will have access to clients personal information.

There are companies that ask for people to pay a fee upfront for stuffing envelopes or purchasing craft supplies. I recommend that people stay away from the envelope stuffing scams and if a person wants to get paid to do crafts, then opening up a free account with Etsy is the best thing to do. This way a person can work for themselves and know that they are not dealing with a scam.

Mystery Shopping Scams

Are there any real mystery shopping jobs? Yes there are but there are also many scams out there. If a mystery shopping company tells you that they will send you a check before you actually do the work, this is a scam. Some of them go so far as to send a fake paper check before people even sign-up. IntelliShop is a legit place to find mystery shopping assignments.

Companies will pay people to do telephone shops or visit stores within their community and record specific things about their store visit.

Finding employment that will be done in the home is not a hard task and does not have to be something that has a negative outcome. With careful planning and caution there are many places and ways to find work from home.

Working From Home

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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Awesome ideas for work from home. Thank you for sharing your helpful tips.

    • VictoriaSheffield profile image

      Author Victoria Sheffield 3 years ago from Georgia

      It does take time and effort! Thanks for commenting!

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 3 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      I currently work from home (mostly) doing online teaching through the local college. I do a little freelance writing and online tutoring, too. There are opportunities; it just takes some effort. Good hub!