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Finding a Job That Fits You

Updated on October 17, 2009

What's the Right Job For You


 Choosing jobs based on your personality might be the best thing that ever happened to you. Many people are choosing jobs based solely on pay scales but end up un-happy in a dead end 9 to 5 with very bad attitudes that effect family and friends. People are conditioned from childhood to think that better paying jobs equal a more fulfilling life, that is why when we are little we can easily say that we want to be one thing but end up doing something entirely different, then wonder about the what ifs. I believe that choosing jobs should be based on your personality because it gives you great advantage, it provides you with doing something you can actually stick to without complaint, without worry, without feeling like you have to live up to a certain standard, it mostly provides you freedom. How many people do you know that don’t like telling others what they do for a living because they are ashamed? How many people do you know that enjoy letting others know what they do for a living as well as why with no shame?

Based on your personality if you are a bubbly person that likes to travel, be in the mix of things, loves to be the center of attention, wearing all the up to date clothing, visit the nail shop on a daily basis, hates taking orders, hates standing for long periods of time, loves to talk, loves to hear others talking about you, hates wearing uniforms and craves a corner office with a view then a US Postal Service Job would definitely not be right for you. However the following jobs might fit you just right.

1.       Music Promoter  Jobs

2.       Business Executive  Jobs

3.       Producer Jobs

4.       Club Owner Jobs

5.       Wedding Planner Jobs

6.       Interior Decorator Jobs

If you are somewhat of a loner, don’t crave attention, are much un-noticed by others, okay with taking orders, haven’t purchased a new wardrobe in years, wouldn’t spend money to get your hair done or on anything else unless it was a live or die situation, kind of uptight around crowds, afraid to visit malls, and have only a few friends that you don’t see or talk to more than twice a month you might want to consider dropping off the face of the earth or at least one of the following jobs.

1.       Freelancer Jobs

2.       Warehouse Stock Worker Jobs

3.       US department of Health Jobs

4.       Social Worker Jobs

5.       Librarian Jobs

6.       Telemarketer Jobs

7.       Dry Cleaning Business Jobs

8.       Garbage disposal Jobs

9.       Cab Driver Jobs

10.   Secretary Jobs

So you like to get things done, you’re the type of person that goes all out to get what you want, you don’t mind lying to get it either, you have plenty of friends who cater to you whenever you need them, you’re always on the phone, you are strictly business, have the latest designers in your closet, drive all the fancy cars, a party isn’t a party without you, crave attention, can be rude at times,  will do whatever it takes to maintain your own happiness, you could definitely look into one of these jobs.

1.       Actor/Actress Jobs

2.       Real Estate Agent  Jobs

3.       Stockbroker Jobs

4.       Business Owner Jobs

5.       News Anchor Jobs

6.       Reporter Jobs

7.       Modeling Jobs

8.       Events Planning Jobs

9.       TV Station Management

But if you don’t like to do too much, you don’t like to do too little, but you want to do what you want when you want and it doesn’t matter how much people complain, and you’re rude one minute but nice the next these jobs were created specifically for you.

1.       Cashier/Currency Exchange Jobs

2.       Public  aid Case worker Jobs

3.       Security Jobs

4.       Movie Critics Jobs

5.       Newspaper Delivery Jobs

6.       Modeling Jobs

7.       Waitress Jobs

Though I haven’t quite completed this you get the point of what I am trying to say, basically people should do what fits them because when they’re happy others are happy, you couldn’t possibly be a great School Teacher if you hate being around your students on a daily, you couldn’t possibly be a good Case worker if you hate dealing with people with problems on a regular basis that are only coming to you because they don’t have as good a job as you.


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