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Finding the right fit

Updated on April 2, 2011

We all look to work in order to earn money and also accolades. For some of us its about the money, for others its about leaving a mark, still others look to be recognized and awarded for their efforts. Irrespective of whatever reasons are behind it, being employed or doing something productive is essential to forming a self image and achieving ones dreams in life.

Perhaps one of the most difficult times anyone who has been working and making their own career would have had to face will be losing their job. While this is not the end of the world, it can be quite a blow when another option becomes hard to get. With the recession millions in America ended up in debt and many lost their homes due to then mounting credit bills, mortgage and interest rates and so on. It seemed like a dead end. But they say out of the ashes rose the phoenix and people have managed to do much the same in reshaping their future and identity.

Being at home and suddenly not having enough can be tough to cope with. Its difficult to have to count pennies when previously you did not care and simply bought everything whether you need it or not. Add to that the boredom of staying home and not having anything productive to do with your time and you have the perfect formula for disaster or if you really have it in you- to rise over the situation.

We cannot always have the easy life, sometimes tough times are what it takes to make tough people. It was when I found myself at the end of my rope that I decided that rather than aspire to the same salary or designation I would have to begin at the bottom and work my way up, maybe in a whole new field. I began with less than 200 dollars a month and from there i worked it back upto better than before in a span of a year. Now i even feel confident enough to do something of my own.

If you are struggling with bills and looking for a way out, one thing you need to remember is that there isn't an easy way out. Sleepless nights spent agonizing over half baked plans and envisioning sudden riches aren't going to get you places but beginning someplace where you know you can work at will. So hold onto your hope for a brighter future and work towards making it count, every minute, every day, every goal you set.


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