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Five Easy Ways to Sparkle at Job Interviews

Updated on January 3, 2017
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As a published author and playwrite now based in China Ava blogs across various platforms.


You Have the Ability

When it comes to selling ourselves it's natural to be reticent.

A job interview, however, is all about showing that you've got what it takes which sounds okay on paper, but how do you do this without seeming over confident?

Consider the following points as a guide.


1) You're Joining a Team

Interviewers want to know the extent of your knowledge about their company or organisation.

If you've done your homework you'll be able to rattle off facts, figures and statistics.

You'll sound knowledgeable and informed, maybe enough to make them think you're one of them and, if you can wrap the stark data in genuine flattery which makes them look good, you're probably halfway there.

2) Put Yourself in The Interviewer's Shoes

Employers don't have either the physical time or the mental headspace to figure out just how great you are, that's the point of the interview.

Make it easy for them by telling them using great examples that you've prepared beforehand.

An interview is not a place to be shy or mysterious.

What problems have you solved? How have you aided former colleagues? What great customer service did you give?

What letters of thanks have you received? What targets did you smash? What new ways of working did you implement that saved the company money?

If you were great in a previous role the interviewer will think that you can do great things for him too.

Confidence is Key
Confidence is Key

3) Show Them That You'll Fit Right In

Have you sprinkled the company's buzz words and phrases throughout your interview?

Have you adopted the same body posture and tone of voice as your interviewers? Are you dressed like them?

Potential employers will never tell you that they're looking to see if you fit in, in fact they might not even be aware of it, but it's a palpable part of the procedure and one of which you should be aware.

4) Be Original

It's very important to be yourself and yes, you can still do that even as you highlight just how you'll fit-in.

Employers are looking for sparkling INDIVIDUAL personalities who can rise to a challenge and hit the ground running.

However, don't overdo it, there's fine line here. If your normal self is 'crazy,' it might be wise to reign it in a little.


5) Once More, With Feeling

How many times did you smile during your last interview?

Did you give the impression that this is the role that will get you out of bed in the morning?

Did you look happy as you discussed the hours and the terms and conditions? Did you sound buzzed as you asked about your typical day?

Were you animated, passionate, pleased, excited or even thrilled?

Potential employers want to know that you're ENTHUSIASTIC about working for them. Be one of the special few who exude this quality.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, preparation is key.

Make sure that you know as much about the company and the role as possible including what will be expected of you.

Compile a short list of two or three pertinent questions you can frame at the end of your interview.

Remember also that daunting as they may seem, Interviews can be viewed as enabling many positive aspects, Have a look at the following list.

  • Confidence boosters

Completing an application form, re-writing your Cv and attending interviews give you cause to remember, recount and relive your personal achievements, successes and milestones.

Reflecting on these life moments which highlight your skills and talents will give you a sense of pride.

  • Memory enhancers

Practice answers to common interview questions and commit your answers to memory. Build your capacity to recall complex language, terminology, jargon, facts and figures.

  • Research Skills

Where do you turn when the company website clearly hasn't been updated for a while and you need information fast as your interview date looms?

Figuring out answers to these questions is the beginning of developing solid, useful research techniques.

  • Staying Positive

It takes time to become good at something, including being interviewed. However, each unsuccessful interview makes you more prepared for the next one and ultimately for the perfect role.

Now isn't that something to look forward too?


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