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Foreclosure Jobs: How to Find Good-Paying Jobs in This Sizzling Real Estate Niche

Updated on April 14, 2010

Foreclosure Jobs: There Are Some Jobs That Pay Pretty Well in This Niche

Everywhere you turn there’s talk of foreclosure these days – from the evening news on TV to online real estate sites to social media outlets like Twitter. You can’t get away from the topic. While it’s bad news for homeowners facing foreclosure, it has spawned a hot market for foreclosure jobs – everything from white-collar jobs like foreclosure specialists, to blue-collar work like foreclosure cleanup.

If you’re out of work, looking to change careers and/or just need a job period, following are some foreclosure job opportunities you may want to look into. Some require no experience; others require a wealth of experience. There’s something for every talent level.

Foreclosure Jobs: Types of Jobs in This Industry

Following is are some of the different kinds of foreclosure job opportunities you will run across on major job sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and Yahoo!, among others.

Foreclosure Specialist: In this position, you can be responsible for everything from collecting payments on low-risk accounts, to managing the pre-sale foreclosure process. Following is a sample of duties:

***Ensure that documents needed by the real estate attorney handling the foreclosure are provided and processed in a timely manner

**Make sure that anything that can stall the foreclosure process is handled expeditiously (eg, . Title issues, payment disputes, property damage issues, etc.)

**Calculating and relaying figures to the appropriate parties that have to do with Foreclosure Sale Bids and Judgments required of the Attorney.

The ideal candidate for this job is someone who has worked in debt collections and/or customer service before – preferably in the banking/mortgage industry.

Pay: Ranges, depending on location and employer. Can be from $12 to $20/hour or more.

Foreclosure Prevention Assistant: This position is administrative in nature. A Foreclosure Prevention Assistant performs a wide variety of tasks, helping professionals like Property Tax Coordinators, Foreclosure Attorneys and other Mortgage Prevention specialists.

Duties include: preparing and mailing hardship notices to various agencies; updating property owner files; processing title searches; tracking mortgage payments; sending out delinquent tax notices to affected particles; updating property databases; etc.

Experience Required: A strong administrative background, preferably in the mortgage, banking or real estate industries; computer literate; reliable transportation (may be required to view various properties to collect and process data); and excellent written and oral communication skills.

Pay: Ranges, depending on location and employer; can be from $12 to $15/hour or more.

Foreclosure Processors: This administrative professional assists mortgage bankers and other creditors in processing foreclosure and/or bankruptcy documents.

Duties may also include conducting title examinations, locating and examining tax records, liens, and other property records.

Ideal candidate is someone with administrative experience in a legal, real estate and/or banking/financial institution environment. Strong administrative and computer skills (MS Office), and excellent communication and time management skills.

Pay: Ranges. Can be $12-$16+/hour.

Foreclosure Cleaning Jobs: This can be anything from removing trash and debris to interior cleaning like cleaning refrigerators, dusting and shampooing carpets, to exterior duties like lawn maintenance.

No experience required other than the ability to work hard. Pay can be hourly – anything from minimum wage on up, to a set day rate (eg, $100/day). All depends on duties to be performed.

More jobs in the foreclosure industry include:

Foreclosure Paralegals

Foreclosure Inspectors

Foreclosure Managers

Foreclosure Prevention Case Manager

Foreclosure Alternatives Negotiator

Foreclosure Attorneys

Get the inside scoop on more foreclosure jobs, and learn how to apply for them online.

Foreclosure job not appealing? Entrepreneurship more your style? Learn everything you need to know to start a foreclosure cleanup business.

Good luck!


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