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Forget Cold Call Sales Letter

Updated on August 4, 2010

Forget Cold Call Sales Letter

 Cold calling is truly a thing of the past and business owners of today need to realize this if they want their businesses to strive.  This is the method of marketing that most businesses relied on just a decade ago but things have truly changed, especially with the popularity of the Internet and the technological advances of our generation.  Cold calling was the most successful marketing method just a few years ago, but with the advancements of technology and the differences in our generation, there is now a new most successful way to market a business.  Writing a sales letter is now one of the best things a business can do to strive.

 A sales letter is used to introduce a business to potential customers and to let them know what the business has to offer.  These days industries are so congested that there is pretty much a million different businesses just like each other.  Your purpose then is to use your sales letter to show people why they should take an interest in your business in particular.  A sales letter is pretty much another form of cold calling because the purpose is the same, only you are doing it in a different manner.

 Things should still be kept professional but casual and laidback at the same time.  When you keep things on a more personal level people are going to respond better and studies have even gone to prove this is true.  You should use the letter to come across as though you were talking to a friend.  Remember to have three distinct sections when you write a sales letter.

 The beginning of your letter is where you use your headline and intro.  This should be a pretty quick and straightforward part of the letter, letting the reader know what the point of the letter is going to be and why it is they should continue to read your letter.  This is what readers will look at first and use to decide whether they are going to pass on the letter or actually read it.  The headline should always be short and sweet.

 If you really want to make the most of this marketing technique then you will want to use a sales letter template.  This is an ideal method for people who do not have any experience writing sales letters and it takes the pressure off too.  For the end the point is to bring everything nicely to a close.  People should be left with a concrete idea of what you have to offer and not just be utterly confused.


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