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Forms and function of Business Communication

Updated on September 17, 2012

Communication plays a huge role in an organization considering the amount of communication activities that go on in an organization. They are mainly of three forms:

· Inter-operational Communication =

· External –operational Communication =

· Personal Communication =

Inter-operational Communication: Communication that takes place in an organization during the line of work that they do is knows as internal communication. It can take many forms such as written or verbal. It includes reports that workers prepare concerning sales, production, inventories, finances, maintenance, and everything else. Inter-operational communication is needed because of the following reasons:

  • · It develops plans of achievement
  • · Organizes human and other resources in the most efficient way
  • · Control performance
  • · Lead, direct, motivate, and create a climate for people to be more productive

External-operational Communication: When a Business communicates with people and groups outside the organization regarding matters relating to work it is external communication. It includes all directing selling efforts, brochures, telephone calls, follow-up services. External-communication also helps the business to improve its public relations. It is an important aspect that displays the company’s image and respect for the external environment, as good business etiquette contribute to the image of the public. External communication facilitates managerial function. It is through External –communication the managers:

  • · Become aware of the needs of the customers
  • · The availability of suppliers
  • · The claims of stock holders
  • · The regulations of the government

Personal Communication: All the communication that occurs in an organization is not operational. There is a whole lot of personal communication that goes on in an organization and has nothing to do with the Business plan. Personal communication is an exchange of feelings and information when beings come together. Humans spend much of the time communicating with each other. Even strangers communicate when placed together in places like, airports, waiting rooms or parties.

The nature of personal communication or conversation in a workplace affects the attitude of the worker, which in turn affects his performance. The extend of communication permitted in the work place effects the productivity of the workers. Absolute denial of personal communication could upset the emotions of an employee, because the very need of humans is communication. Personal communication has a great value in an organization. It permits the expression of feelings and satisfaction of social needs.


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    • profile image

      sonia ansari 5 years ago

      this info is very useful as it helps me in making my notes 4 exams

    • profile image

      priyanka choudhary 5 years ago

      seriously this info also help me a lot in mm exams

    • profile image

      Raj 6 years ago

      this information is very useful i was asked to make an assignment about this topic and this info help me alot thank u