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Forward to Marketing Alex Jeffreys Reviews

Updated on October 26, 2010

Forward to Marketing

What's the hype around Forward to marketing about?

Alex Jeffreys Forward to marketing reviews

Searching for Forward to marketing reviews? There's a lot of hype out there about Alex Jeffreys and his latest launch "Forward to Marketing".

Personally, I'm starting to get sick of these big IM launches. You seem to get a promotion about one every week by some "guru" who has the latest super duper way of showing you how to make money online.

Spare me the hype please!!

It looks like nowadays that a group of marketers have a syndicate and take turns to do launches after launches. Come on, we're not stupid. Do you really think we are all sheep buying everything these gurus promote?

So what's this Forward to Marketing stuff all about then?

If you've never heard of Alex Jeffreys, hes one of the rarer internet marketers who seem to actually be one of "the good guys". What I mean is if you Google him, it seems like every one who has ever been on his courses seem to be happy and rates him highly.

Google him yourself and you'll know what I mean.

Forward to marketing is supposed to be a course that helps people build a steady business online. He shows you behind the scenes and is completely open about how it all works. Plus, he's been there and done that so everything he shows is the real deal.

There are three things that are of particular interest:

1) Alex Jeffreys shows how he made $1 million in 21 days without hyping it up. You can see the video here.

2) He's going to prove that any beginner with no list can make thousands of dollars in a few months by publically deleting his massive list and starting from scratch - to show that it can be done.

3) Price tags of launch products are usually stupidly extortionate right? Well apparently he's got a big surprise.....hmmmmmm.

The Content

Alex is going to show step by step and give you your own sales funnel.

squeeze page
upsell process
members area
email marketing campaigns

But apparently it's not going to be just any old crap because its a personal one for each person.

Also, he'll be showing you everything that is needed to run a successful online business giving you all you need in regardings to getting plenty of traffic.

He's also going to show how an expert would start from scratch in the fastest time possible without using any leverage.

The way he will do that is to delete his big mailing list he already owns and show you and together with you show you how to build a massive online business starting from scratch with full transparency.

Some more things included

Growing Lab
Traffic Control
Marketing Lounge
Secret Lab
Strategy Station
Support Suite
Team Meeting Room
Outsource Box

now all these rooms tie in together
and will consist of

video training
audio training
training manuals
check sheets

and regular live coaching from Alex himself.

Is this the real deal or just another IM product launch?

Well I've come across many launches now and though I've come across some good courses, I know this one is different because it's a complete course, not just focussing on a certain tactic such as PPC, or article marketing.

I think it's well worth seeing the free training yourself coming up.

Is Forward to marketing what it's all cracked up to be? Knowing Alex, he's never under delivered so I know this is going to be his best yet.

All the best!

Who is Alex Jeffreys

Alex Jeffreys who is he?
Alex Jeffreys who is he?

Background information on Alex Jeffreys

Who is this guy and what does he do? Is he legit?

Here's his website which has information about what he does and what his student think.


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