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Free CSCS Card Mock Exam Practice Questions For The CSCS Test

Updated on December 5, 2015

Free practice mock questions for the CSCS exam / test.

These are actual questions from the cscs card test and are for practice purposes only

The CSCS card is only valid for 3 years.

The test consists of 50 questions and the time limit is 45 minutes. The pass level is a minimum score of 46. All questions are multiple choice. Free links for important and relevant revision notes are at the foot of the page.

The Case Study section in the exam offers similar questions to the rest of the exam, except with the use of a video and a role playing scenario.

Free link: Case Study practice questions.

Answers are at the foot of the page:

Question 1

Solvents and resins in paints can lead to:

a) Dizziness, sickness, and headaches

b) Lung problems

c) Other bodily problems

d) All of the above

Question 2

How is occupational asthma caused

a) Exposure to rat droppings and urine

b) Breathing in dust, fumes or gasses

c) Hazardous materials on the skin

d) Exposure to high noise levels

Question 3

What do white and blue signs indicate ?

a) Safe condition

b) Danger

c) You must do something

d) You must do nothing

Question 4

Dust can be inhaled in large quantities during construction. These levels are more dangerous when...

a) Using tools outside

b) Working in a small room

c) Working on a roof

d) Working in a large indoor area

Question 5

Which fire extinguishers must not be used on electrical fires ?

a) Red

b) Black

c) Blue

d) Cream

Question 6

You are provided with a safety mask, but you notice it is damaged, you should...

a) Just carry on with your work

b) Use another mask on top of the damaged mask

c) Do not start work until a replacement mask has been found

d) Work faster and take more breaks

Question 7

Which three of these may cause lung infections if inhaled ?

a) Asbestos fibres

b) Silica dust

c) Strong smells

d) Faeces from birds

Question 8

What does this sign mean ?

a) No running

b) Do not walk on roof

c) Fragile roof

d) No entry to roof

Question 9

What is a toolbox talk ? ( 2 answers )

a) It tells a person what they need in their tools to perform a job

b) Tells you how to work safely on a job

c) Tells you where your tools are

d) Contains risk assessments and method statements

Question 10

Pigeons are nesting in an area where you are working. What should you do?

a) Ask your supervisor what to do

b) Chase them away

c) Catch them and give them to your supervisor

d) Let the birds leave before you continue with your work.

Question 11

What should you do if you see childrten on the building site ?

a) Tell your work colleague

b) Tell the children to leave

c) Guide them to safety and inform your supervisor

d) Ignore them and let someone else deal with the situation

Question 12

Which task does not release silica dust ?

a) Cutting blocks and stones

b) Breaking up concrete floors

c) Sweeping up rubble from an old building

d) Sawing timber

Question 13

Another contractor or worker on the site is affecting the safety of others. What should you do?

a) Tell them to stop what they are doing

b) Inform your supervisor

c) Go for lunch until they are gone

d) Speak to their supervisor

Question 14

A lorry is backing into a tight spot on the building site and the driver asks you to help back him in. What do you do ?

a) Tell him you do not have experience and help find someone who does

b) Guide him in safely

c) Say no and carry on with your own work

d) Just tell him that there is lots of space

Question 15

Disposable face masks should be used no more than...

a) One hour

b) One week

c) One shift / day

d) Twice


Question 1 - d

Question 2 - b

Question 3 - c

Question 4 - b

Question 5 - a & d

Question 6 - c

Question 7 - a & b & d

Question 8 - c

Question 9 - b & d

Question 10 - a

Question 11 - c

Question 12 - d

Question 13 - b

Question 14 - a

Question 15 - c

Free Links To:

20 more free mock questions from the CSCS test.

Free consolidated revision notes required for the CSCS exam

Important: An 11 year old boy passed a supervised mock CSCS card test after reading these revision notes only a few times. All sections of the revision notes are relevant but not all the same questions will appear in any one cscs exam.


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