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Using Free Apps on Ebay Store to Increase Profits and Make More Money Selling

Updated on September 7, 2017



Terapeak is only free to begin with as a free trial.

Used correctly this will drive your business way up in profit.

Being able to research trends and hot products that have proven sales records is a gold nugget. Avoid buying dead stock that won't move out of your shop. Get the good stuff while it's available and be one of the few pulling in most of the sales.

You have to do some research, however with terapeak you've got an excellent source for the information you need to stay on point with your investment.

They go back to about one year of sales history and this allows you to see certain patterns like spikes in sales as well as drops in demand for specific products.

Dates, sellers prices, sales trends, product demand and much more. It's all available on a silver platter. After learning the basics it becomes easier to spot trends and notice hot items that you know will make you good money.

This research software really helps sellers make more money on ebay.With some luck and a little effort, you should find a product you can sell on the first day of your Free trial.

Ebay and Paypal Fee Calculator

Calculate your exact profits to the penny. Use this before listing anything on Ebay!
Calculate your exact profits to the penny. Use this before listing anything on Ebay!

Ebay & Paypal Fee and Profit Calculator

This simple tool is basic yet one of the most important tasks that must be done, it does. Exact Profits for your ebay sales are calculated while introducing fees not only from Ebay, (4-10%) but Paypal fees (2-3%) as well.

Ebay & Paypal Fee and Profit Calculator, takes into account not only your seller status such as "Top Rated" but whether or not you have a Store subscriber discount.

Also percentage amounts which vary by Categories which Ebay takes are an option with drop down menu in the calculator.

You would set this depending on your user status, store subscription, category percentage etc... Shipping charges and shipping costs are also taken into consideration.

At the bottom of calculator your results for the sale are given. This includes Ebay fees , paypal fees, all shipping and handling costs (gas, envelopes, bubble wrap etc.) deducted and exact profits for the sale. Very simple, quick and easy to use.

Froo! Cross Sell

This app allows you to set featured products in a display showcase with continuous scrolling style.
This app allows you to set featured products in a display showcase with continuous scrolling style. | Source

Froo! Cross Sell

This is one of the best free tools available for anyone serious about promoting store items. Great pictures are the number one buyer attraction. With Froo Cross sell you have a great showcase display at the bottom of your listing.

While only a handful of items are shown at a time while they scroll, you can place up to 50 items in this display section which continuously rotates the merchandise.

You can choose the speed for the slideshow of your merchandise, and the theme which ranges from holiday touches like Christmas and Halloween to even movie, game, farm, and American Flag themes.

Rotate your store goods in order by price or time of listing. Ascending / descending & newly or oldest listing time.

My best results are when I adjust settings to show from highest to lowest price and most recently listed items. It feels like the listing starts off with a boost and the right buyer comes along sooner much more often.

Froo! Cross Sell Themes

Choose your theme to match your store merchandise .
Choose your theme to match your store merchandise .


Sometimes potential customers would like to see how you've done business in the past. Buyers who trust you enough to buy from your store is a must in the online business world. This is not always an easy task to accomplish. Buyers want to see positive feedback.

Do you ship on time? Is your merchandise of good quality? How do you handle returns or an item damaged on arrival?

By using My Store Maps, you help gain that trust by placing a map in your listing to demonstrate the cities and / or countries in which you have successfully had a buyer / seller transaction.

Track your buyer locations worldwide. Simply add custom maps to your listings. The red pins on the maps below can be seen all around the world.

These maps may also boost international sales.Instead of potential customers attempting to contact to ask if shipment is possible to whatever country they are located, clients can just take a look at the maps and see that this ebay seller is shipping worldwide.

My Store Rewards

Simple app that allows you to offer Cash back rewards of certain percentages. From as little as 1% to as high as you'd like to go.

This is very similar to credit card companies and grocery store cash back programs where rewards are given just for using the company or businesses card.

This is especially great for those sellers which make a high volume of sales with high profit margins, and repeat clients. You earn more and can give back more.

Otherwise your customers won't ever see the rewards as worth it if you are giving something like a %1-%2 reward, that doesn't really add up to much unless you carry expensive price tags too.

For example, someone who sells diamond rings will be rewarding $100 on a $5,000 ring with simply %2 cash back rewards. But if you are selling $10 gold plated earrings then that %2 would only be $0.20 cents. Nothing to be excited about.

Offering about 5-10% rewards seems to do the trick for most sellers i've discussed this topic with. It's always best to experiment a few weeks and see what works best for your specific brand and customer.


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