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Freelancing sites – The new trend in job market

Updated on August 4, 2011

The era of going to office and work has gone! Now it is the era of virtual office which simply means that anybody can work from anywhere in the world, what you need is only a computer and an internet connection. The employee can select the time he works, the amount of time he works etc, etc. All this is possible because of freelancing job sites.

What is a freelancing job site?

It is simply an online meeting place for employers and employees, where employers can advertise their jobs/projects available and potential employees can bid for them. Then after an interview process the employer can hire a suitable employee.

So what is the advantage?

There are many for the employer as well as for the employee.

Advantages for the employer

  • The employer can operate with a small in-house staff
  • He can hire the cheap labor of other countries, yet with the same (or even more?) quality
  • Time difference - companies in Europe and US that need reporting of their day activities by next day can outsource their report generation to Asia where it is still day time
  • Avoid high taxes of the country by outsourcing the work to an employee in some other country
  • The employer can hire employees as and when necessary. When the job is completed the agreement with the employee is over

Advantages to the employee

  • The employee can decide the time , amount of time and work schedule on his own
  • The era of going abroad for jobs is over. The employee can work for an employer of any country while enjoying the comfort of his home/ loved ones
  • He can work for an international rate while being his rural village.
  • This can be used as a secondary income source while doing your regular job
  • With the high technology the freelancing job sites use, the payment is guaranteed for your work and it can be directly deposited to your bank account .
  • Be a part of the world village. Opportunity to work with various people from different cultures/ countries/ethnicities

What kinds of jobs are available?

The simply answer is any type of job. You should be able to find a suitable job for your skills. Although most of the jobs are computer/internet or IT related you will find many jobs in the other fields as well. For example banking, accounting etc. If you take IT, you have jobs from simple data entry to advanced programming. So whatever your skill level you should be able to find a job that is suitable to you. So give it a try in the following freelancing job sites.

Some freelancing sites and their features

This is my favorite freelancing site. That may be partly because oDesk is the first site that I joined, and I found a job there very quickly and all the features and (even more) that I was looking for are available in the site.

The site works like most of freelancing sites. Employers post their projects and contractors can bid for them. Then after some interviewing process (skype, email, chat) the employer can hire a contractor.

There are two modes of working. Hourly jobs and fixed price jobs. Hourly jobs are the better job type for novices for sure because it guarantees the payment for the work done. In fixed price jobs you will quote for the entire job. Once the job is done employer can decide whether he pay the full amount agreed or part of it or not pay at all. It all is in the employer’s hand and oDesk won’t interfere with it. oDesk has a system to track the time worked and at the end of every week (Sunday mid night) the hours worked will be calculated and the invoice is sent to the employer for approval. By Wednesday the money will be debited to your account but it will be on hold for another 6 days (That is a feature in oDesk that I do not like!). At the end of that period the money is actually in your account for you to withdraw!

oDesk is considered by some as having employers finding contractors for less. One other feature in oDesk is at has an employer/employee feedback system. Once a job is completed the two parties can give a score on the other party. It is in between 1 to5, 5 being the highest. This overall score is displayed on the individuals profile which is the most important thing for your online carrier! So take every effort to have good feedback score. But sites like have for sophisticated feedback system.

If you don’t have an oDesk account create one for you now and start earning online.

Following are some other sites that I have worked in.

Other known freelancing sites

Have you worked on freelancing sites? If so share your experience in the comments section!


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    • IndikaT profile image

      IndikaT 5 years ago from Kandy,Sri Lanka

      Glad that I was able to put up something useful. KIT to more relevant hubs. Thanks for commenting...

    • NC4Life078 profile image

      NC4Life078 5 years ago from United States of America

      I have read a lot of freelance hubs but this one explained it the best. Up & usefull

    • IndikaT profile image

      IndikaT 6 years ago from Kandy,Sri Lanka

      Thanks Chamil for commenting and glad that you found it useful

    • chamilj profile image

      chamilj 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Very useful information for work at home. Thanks!