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Future of Internet Marketing

Updated on May 7, 2014

Marketing has to constantly evolve itself so as to achieve its utter target, i.e. to attain sales or to get embossed in customers’ mind. We have moved from from the era of Mass Marketing to focused marketing. The concept of filling the marketing funnel doesn't really fit anymore, instead of the marketer bombarding the customer left, right and center, it’s the customer who decides what he wants. This makes the Marketing even more research based. It’s better to strategize and execute than to waste time, money and resources on trying to reach the customers using non worthy channels.

Let’s now look at some of the Top Internet Marketing trends that will rule in 2014:


1. Content Marketing will have to further evolve

This method of non-interruptive marketing makes you reach the customer more intelligently than directly pitching your product to the customer. Content is the king and it needs to be very engaging and interesting for making the customer get into it. Its nothing new, lot of brands are already using it either by having their websites like P&Gs or Colgates Dental Care Centers or Kraft’s Jell-O Free recipe cards and more. Brands have to strategize and invest more on what the content is, how it is getting delivered to reach the right customer to get the maximum return of your investment. For example content needs to be fit the smaller screens, has to be image rich, simple to gain a quick attention. Sponsored content like events, articles will also see a rise in 2014


2. Getting in through Mobile Apps

The prime time on television has shifted to every now and then beeps happening on the mobile phone. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, WhatApp and more have entered the life of users and their usage is increasing every second. There is a big opportunity to reach the customers through this medium. A proper well researched strategy on how and whom to reach using these Apps without becoming a spam will see a good growth in the near future.


3. Social Advertising will see a rise

Rather than spending on display Ads or Banner Ads that get a much lesser click ratio, Social Advertising is the next big thing. It is the more intelligent method of advertising on the internet. One of the most common place for this is Social Advertising through feeds in Facebook. Social Advertising uses intelligent data like social information, location, likes etc. available to target the right audience for the ad. According to Adroll, “News Feed retargeting had a click-through rate (CTR) 49x higher than RHS and 21x higher than standard web retargeting.”


4. Ad Retargetting will give good results

This is like following the customer wherever he goes. It’s a recent Marketing Strategy which tracks the browser cookies to analyze for the product and services that were viewed on the website. These products will be displayed as advertisements across websites the user visits. This will be successful because its only two percent of the traffic that converts during the first visit and for the rest it keeps reminding about the product and service.


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