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GI Joes Sporting Goods: The Best Shopping Experience

Updated on September 10, 2009

GI Joes Sporting Goods: The Best Shopping Experience!

Here is the GI Joes Sporting Goods experience in writing...

It was my first time shopping at GI Joes Sporting Goods. I knew it existed but never really thought of shopping there before. I needed a few things for and up-and-coming fishing trip and decided to take my chances with this company. All those years and I did not know that I was missing out. I did not think that it would be that amazing. It was...

When I walked in, I was surprised to see that they had everything you would need for hunting, camping, fishing, skiing and more. I was basically in heaven! But I had to stay focused because I told my family I was only going to be gone for a few hours--I could have stayed there forever. I quickly remembered what I was doing...purchasing fishing products...purchasing fishing products...purchasing fishing products...(said that to remember at the time).

I walked over to the fishing section and was amazed to see all my option with the various tackle kits, lines, reels, bait, boats, fish finders, ice fishing gear, nets, rods, and once again, much more. I was stunned at what this GI Joes Sporting Goods had to offer its fishing enthused customers. Now on to the shopping...

I remembered that I needed three things in particular: line, net and bait. Although my list was pretty small compared to that of your professional "fishing person," I was stuck on finding those specific products. Nevertheless, there came Dave to the rescue--a very kind and helpful associate of GI Joes Sporting Goods. He immediately pointed me out in the right direction of all the products I needed. He helped me pick out all my products in record breaking time. Did I mention to you that he did this with a smile? Well that little be was the icing on the cake.

Finally, I grabbed all the items I needed for the trip, paid and left GI Joes Sporting Goods. I will truly miss that place. Shopping there in the future is a must--I hope I get helped by Dave again or someone like him.

My experience with shopping and GI Joes Sporting Goods was...Phenomenal! That is an "A" for the look of the store, an "A" for the customer service, and an "A" to my overall happiness. Until next time Joe...and Dave!


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