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Geico Claims to be Incompetent Lacking Customer Satisfaction Abilities

Updated on March 26, 2010

Well, my title is not me making stuff up, if you watch the commercial I'm referring to, you will clearly see this is from the horse's mouth just in illustration form. Please watch the commercial before reading the rest of this page. Some might think the messages I've pointed out are subliminal inside of their commercial, but to me it was just obvious. Let's start with the Elmer Fudd in Geico Commercial for example:

Now that you've seen the commercial again (or for some of you the first time) let me point out the obvious. They could not for whatever reason help not even a cartoon correctly say the letter r. And they tried how many times? Right. So that right there shows how they lack the ability to solve problems no matter their many attempts to try. And this is a cartoon folks, something they had animated for their commercial. Sad! If they can't so much as solve the problem for Elmer (something they have total control over), then how can you trust they can help you solve your insurance issues? Sad!

Next obvious message: Elmer Fudd walked off the screen upset and unhappy with their help (service). Again, keeping in mind this is a CARTOON (something they have total control over), what does that say about Geico? If they can't even so much as satisfy and make happy a cartoon character (that they animated to fit their commercial), then how can you trust they can help satisfy you and solve your insurance problem? Does this message help you trust them? Because as seen in the commercial, what does Elmer Fudd do in the end? Exactly. So basically, Geico is saying they cannot be trusted to solve problems even if they have the power to change that problem (they could have easily animated Elmer in such a way to correct his r, but they didn't). And as a result of their incompetence, potential customers end up walking away. Like I did in my mind when I first saw this commercial.

It's like what is the point of the commercial if you're not going to show that the solution you provide is satisfying to the customer? Geico cannot solve a CARTOON'S problem and yes it is this very commercial they produced that shows their inability to solve problems. It's like Geico is outright telling the public (their potential customers), "Do like Elmer Fudd and walk away from us." But will you do as they illustrate for you to do?

I don't know if Geico realizes just how damaging their commercials are for their own revenue. Maybe this is some type of reverse psychology attempt to get you to pay them your money. I don't know. But can they be trusted at this point? I know this commercial does not prompt me to call them and give them a shot. As a matter of fact, just the opposite. But they are right in that Geico can save you money if you do as they animated Elmer Fudd to do (walk away). So thanks Geico for showing your true colors to the world! Thanks for saving me money by not giving you my money. haha.

And their messages don't stop with just this commercial. Shortly, I'll be posting the obvious messages in their other commercials with the tall guy and after that the fiddle player. If you choose to go with Geico anyway and they end up messing you up, well you can't say Elmer Fudd didn't try to warn you. He (in essence Geico) would be the first to tell you, "I told you so."

The funny thing about all this is I, personally, have nothing against Geico. Their commercials were just something my sister and I were joking about. And I decided to talk about them on here. Things that make you go hmmmm... Well, it's your choice what you do. Doesn't matter to me. After all, it's YOUR money.


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    • H Mitchell profile image

      H Mitchell 7 years ago from USA

      Thanks, thevoice. Just stating the obvious =).

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      really funny hub well done