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Get a Job in 2012: Tips for Surging Ahead

Updated on January 1, 2012

With the holidays behind us, millions of Americans are feeling a special urgency to get their employment situations resolved. At the same time, many feel so discouraged that they become mentally paralyzed and spin their wheels. What’s a person to do?

Here are some small but powerful steps you can take to get a paycheck in 2012. Just spending 30 minutes a day can make a difference – and once you get started, you might just see the thirty minutes grow into a Very Productive Day.

1. Revise your resume. Let’s face it: Your resume might look great to you -- but if you’re unemployed, then it hasn’t done its job. Here are two ways to revamp your resume:

  • Your skills may be more transferable than you realize. So, expand your job opportunities by tweaking your resume for a new market. For example, maybe you've always worked in clothing stores. Your skills could easily transfer to a new sales environment. A skilled salesperson can sell computers just as easily as she can sell clothes -- and cars have nicer commissions! Skills in education, psychology and many other areas apply to a wide variety of jobs.
  • Rephrase your accomplishments for computer-speak. Resumes today are often filtered by computers and therefore need to include keywords to get noticed. Fit relevant keywords into your resume naturally or add a “Tags” section at the bottom. When revising resumes for my clients, I consult the book Resume Buzz Words: Get Your Resume to the Top of the Pile!

2. Focus on a few companies. If you’ve been mailing resumes to dozens of companies, change your approach for a week or two. Focus on one special opportunity every day. Adjust your cover letter and resume for each position.

3. Nurture your networks. Many people withdraw from their social networks after becoming unemployed. After all, attending a social gathering is uncomfortable when you’re dreading job questions. But networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn make it easy to informally connect with distant relatives and old friends and check out their professional connections.

4. Register with an employment agency. Employment agencies find temporary, permanent and temp-to-perm jobs for a wide range of industries. An agency can help you find jobs in business, construction, education, health care and other fields. Reputable agencies such as Manpower and Adecco charge the employers, not the employees, to facilitate a match. Some even offer health care benefits and paid vacation days.

Be all-new for 2012. You can do it!


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    • ustad profile image

      ustad 5 years ago from Pakistan

      really great tips

      your idea of revising resume and including keywords to get target sounds unique and effective..

      i will refer this page to my students of business communciation..!

      thanks for sharing