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GetResponse is One of the Most Popular Auto-Responders but is It Good

Updated on July 12, 2010

GetResponse is One of the Most Popular Auto-Responders but is It Good

It's not highly discussed, but it's not a secret that the most successful marketers online derive the bulk of their incomes from email list marketing. The power of email marketing lies in its ability to convert sales that otherwise would be lost forever. It's the continued exposure to your sales messages, and you, that compels people to buy. It is because e-mail marketing is so important that you need to have a good and reliable e-mail management service by your side. Many marketers feel GetResponse is the kind of service provider that can satisfy your needs. So we set-off to discover the truth about this.

Why is this company, GetResponse, so unique? According to their "About us" page, this company now boasts more than one hundred thousand live accounts, a deliverability that is sixty eight percent better than that of their competitors and unlimited usability. If you're researching email management providers for your business, you'll be hard-pressed to find better than that. You may have a tough time finding similar services that will beat those stats.

It's only eighteen dollars per month for their most basic level account. At that price your email list size is limited to 500 subscribers. After that capacity, there are increases, but it just depends on how many people on your mailing list. Their highest capacity charge tops out at one hundred forty five dollars per month. This price will manage up to twenty five thousand contacts. And if you're really doing well, and have more than that, you need to receive a special quote from the company.

Up-selling is a very powerful marketing technique that allows you to sell more stuff to the same customer. Many marketers signifinitely increase their profits by offering a customer the opportunity to purchase other products they might be interested in. Follow-up e-mail is the e-mail marketers way of up-selling. Follow-up e-mails work especially well in niche markets because some people can't get enough of some topics and will purchase other similar products from your follow-up e-mails. No matter the size and number of follow-up e-mails your strategy needs to work, GetResponse gets the job done. Even if you got them on your list through an opt-in page, you still need to use a sequence of follow-up e-mails to close the sale.

E-mail marketing is an activity that every internet marketer needs to master if he truly wants to make money online. Making money on the internet is all about how personal you can make yourself and your products. People crave less of the impersonal, that's why personal is so powerful online. You'll get that done much better with email list marketing. We realized that the more we learned about GetResponse, the more value we saw in it. We feel the subscription completes the value in this service.


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