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Getting Life Coach Certified

Updated on August 30, 2012

What is Life Coaching?

Do you want to obtain a certificate in life coaching?

Before you go ahead and work your way to be certified, let's answer the question "what is life coaching?"

People often mistake this profession for therapy or a form of counseling. Life coaching is different from those professions, because it focuses on what is going on at the present and what challenges you may face right now. Once that is determined, a life coach will create a course of action to transform your life into something you want it to be. A life coach can coach you on any aspect of your life whether on relationships, spirituality, career, etc..

Do You "Need" to be Certified?

If you're an aspiring life coach, it's good to ask "Do I need a life coaching certification?"

THAT is the question of the year. A lot of you may still be confused whether you should get a certificate or not, and the only way to answer that question is to wonder, "What will I gain by being certified, and what might I lose by not being certified?". Today, there are now a huge number of aspiring life coaches and because of this, it is becoming essential to acquire a certification, not by law or regulation, but to weed out those coaches who are serious about what they do.

It is a great career path to choose, because life coaches are getting very in demand nowadays, though this also means that you have a lot of competitors as well, and one way to stand out in the crowd, is to get your coaching certification.

What Does a Certification in Life Coaching do for Your Career?

Having a certificate in life coaching, shows your clients that you went the extra mile to make sure you know what you are doing, and it also shows them that you value their opinion from get go. It also shows that someone else, a non-biased organization of education, has put their trust in you too. This marks your devotion to professionalism, and it means that you have gone through everything you can, to master the art of life coaching. Through this, more and more people will trust you and this is something that you want especially if you want to make it out ther

Okay, I'm Feelin ya - So How Do I Get Certified?

Traditionally, you would attend classes that last for a year or more. During these classes, you will learn the depths of life coaching and get to know the various aspects of life, challenge and opportunities. All of these lessons are well worth the hundreds of dollars of invest they usually charge, and with all the knowledge that you'll acquire through these classes, you'll come out with a new perspective on life, and new tools in your coaching tool kit.

Alternatively, if you're in a bind for money or time, there are online classes now available that can take the hassle out of learning for those of us who are more apt to learn through visual and audio presentations. If you'll visit my certification page, where you will find a link to the finest online life coach certification program that I've found anywhere. On average, it takes about 6 weeks to get through all the material, which is followed by a test and an essay. Last I checked, it was still available for an exponentially low investment $77, and you don't loose a bit of value, unless you prefer to hug your teacher everyday, that is.

Is a Life Coach Certification Really Worth It?

If I didn't make it clear before, you should know that certificates are not really necessary. It's about the image and your level of confidence above anything else. Though if you wish to be a life coach, you'll want to consider the growing demand for coaches, and the growing number of life coaches in the industry today (83% of whom are NOT certified yet), you have to have something that will set you apart. A certificate, again, is an effective way to be able to be set apart among the other competitors.

That being said, since this is really not a necessity, if you can’t afford it, you can still be a life coach! Just as long as you have the skills, confidence and experience to be a life coach, then you can go right ahead and do it. Maybe you can get a certificate once you are able to, or you might not ever find it necessary. For life coaches today, a life coaching certification is definitely something worth it, especially if you plan to have this as your “main” career. Think about it, and think HARD, before you officially decide. This article is aimed to help you with that decision, though I know you will be able to make the decision that is right for you, and that is all that really matters.

So weigh the pros and cons, check out all your options and think about what you want to achieve as a life coach. These are the things that will help you determine if you should go get yourself certified or not. Having a life coach certification today has a lot of benefits and advantages. So, what do you think? Think about it, or better yet, sleep on it, you will have a clearer mind by tomorrow and maybe then you will be able to decide.


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