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Getting Prepared For Job Interview Questions And Answers

Updated on August 21, 2010

Getting Prepared For Job Interview Questions And Answers

If you are going in for a job interview it is important that you prepare yourself. Each job interview is going to be different and will come with its own set of job interview questions and answers. If you just go in without preparing yourself, you may be surprised at some of the questions they ask. You do not want to be sitting there flabbergasted or have your mind go blank and not know what to say, which is why you should take the time to prepare yourself.

There are a few job interview questions and answers in particular which are asked at almost every interview. One is what you bring to the job, what qualities it is that set you apart from other applicants. Make sure that you answer truthfully and not like a robot. Or perhaps you went through extra training and have this to bring to the job.

They will probably also ask what your goals are for the future. It can be a tricky question to answer because although you do want to be truthful, at the same time your goal right now is to get hired for the job you are applying for. If that means you have to do a bit of white lying here and there, so be it. Let them know that your goal right now is to get hired for this job and make sure if you mention any future goals in life that they relate in some way to the type of position you are applying for now.

This shows that you are focused and lets them know that you are an expert in the field. You will probably also be asked what your salary expectations for the job are. If you felt it was a little low for the position offered, you may want to say that you usually work for more than that but would be willing to stick with that for the job because you are so interested in it. If you are going to be blunt you can always tell them you are used to making a bit more than that and if they think that you are worth it they absolutely may raise the pay.

Remember, the questions asked are going to be different from one job interview to the next. There are always different positions being applied for and different people hiring and asking the questions. They are going to see that as meaning that you are not confident enough in your skills and in what you have to offer. These are just a few example questions and of course the questions are going to be different from one job interview to the next.


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    • abhijeet4800 profile image

      Abhijeet Ganguly 7 years ago from Pune, India

      nice and well written however the length of article is a bit small....