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Tips to Maximize Your Potential for Work

Updated on October 29, 2014

Job Search Tips

Train Yourself to Get a Job

Books, career experts, assessments tests, friends and family always offer advice on methods to obtain the perfect job. However, job readiness can mean difference between employment and unemployment. #1) Be prepared is solid advice to prepare for job readiness.


#2) Define goals and objectives. Decide what you want out of life and develop realistic goals. Evaluate where you are in your career life. Write down your skills and interests. Write a cover letter and resume. Practice interviewing. Double check the vocabulary and spelling in the cover letter and resume and ask a friend or two to proofread your materials. Join a local job club.


#3) Research companies that offer the types of jobs you seek and actively start the job search process. Read and review job descriptions that fit your skills and interests. Make a pros and cons list of jobs that fit your criteria. Develop a simple rating system to rate interests and skills and categorize into likes and dislikes.


#4) Take an assessment test to measure the results against your stated goals and objectives. Re-examine your skills and interests and determine if the test reflects a clear picture of your career path. Determine if you need further education or training to accomplish your goals and objectives.

More Tips

Plan your job search activities and work at it daily just like it is a “job”

Take the time and effort to conduct a quality job search

Don’t be afraid to seek help with your job search

Find a reliable job counselor or career expert if you think you cannot do this alone

Let friends, family and colleagues know you are actively seeking work and ask for referrals


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Get Hired LLC: Job Readiness Training:

U.S. Rehabilitation Services Administration: A specialized approach to job readiness training:


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