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Getting the Best Returns from Your Falling Investment

Updated on September 27, 2015

We all place our money somewhere hoping that we will get the best value in the future. This however is not always the case. Poor decisions, lack of financial accountability are some of the things which are contributing to the collapse of your investment.

Investment returns

We all want to make profit
We all want to make profit | Source

Understand the economic environment you are operating in

Most people go into businesses when they have not done enough research about the business environment. This lack of information returns to haunt them. So why should you gather this information?. This information forms a good basis for crucial decision making. The micro and macro environment in which your business operates in affects the demand and supply of goods or services which you are dealing in. In the area of macro environment, you are supposed to take into account things like inflation and taxation policies. These are some of the key things which determine whether you will be making losses or profits.

Learn from your competitors

Competition no matter how stiff it is healthy. It acts as an eye opener. The modern technology means that you can easily access some of the important information about what your profit making competitors are doing.If it sourcing the materials that you use or poor pricing that are negatively affecting your business, take the right steps.

Some of the by products can be sold


Motivated employees


Eliminate the unnecessary expenditure and reduce wastage

The money you withdraw from your investment account counts. No matter how little it may look. Make sure that you are accountable for every cent that you use. May be you are overpaying your workers or you have employed excessive number of workers. Maybe you are sourcing your raw materials from a bad supplier or your transportation means are not efficient. Find ways of eliminating these unnecessary expenditures. Try sourcing materials from other sources. Account for every coin that you use. How do you use some of your by-products some of which may be of economic value?. Maybe cartons in a supermarket may be sold for recycling thus making extra cash.Make sure that your production means are efficient.

Motivate your employees

Many businesses do not see their workers as an important part of their businesses. This is very wrong because it is your employees who are communicating directly with your clients. They are the faces of your business. Poorly motivated employees will lack the passion to serve your clients. They do not care about the future of your business.

You can motivate your workers by;

Making them feel like they are part of your business by sharing vision

Appreciating every achievement no matter how small it may be

Communication. It is the only way you can get to know their true feelings.

Create saving accounts for them so as to make their future secure. This minimizes uncertainities.

Adopt modern production technology


Pay the business bills on time

May be you have been paying fines for late renewal of licenses, paying electricity or water bills late thus attracting interest. This all will count at the end of your financial year. Make sure that all the legal documents which your business requires in order to operate are also in order. A day that you will close your business in order to get a license, a medical certificate etc will also count. The fines that you will charged for operating illegally when prosecuted will also count at the long last.When your workers strike due to late payment will also matter.

Be flexible and Adopt Technology

Technology is changing. Technology may reduce the number of employees you need. The number of units you will produce per time and hence the overall operating cost of your business. Move with time.

Be open to new ideas. Allow your workers to be creative. Adopt the modern marketing channels like the social media and internet marketing.

Partner with others

May be the capital that you had at the beginning of your business was not enough to make you a worthy competitor. If your business idea is completely worthwhile, find some partners who can support your business.


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    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      3 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      You are right, It is very easy to spend in your business, sometimes, you just have to pay off those expenses before you can move forward.


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