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Girls Mentoring

Updated on April 14, 2013

What is mentoring?

A mentor is a trusted counselor or guide that uses his/her life experiences to help others. Mentoring allows young people to realize they have the power to rise above their circumstances. Many have the power to break down the barriers that stand in their way. This is the main goal of mentoring: to help young people achieve their potential, discover their strengths, and reach their goals.

Why is girls mentoring important?

When young girls are supported and encouraged to grow into strong, confident women, the quality of life for everyone improves. This is because these women become active leaders in their community, jobs, and society. They stand out as a voice for many issues important to humanity’s future, such as education standards and health care. These women fight for their children, teach them how to succeed in life, and help create a smarter, more independent generation. At this point, many youth today are struggling with serious issues and pressures in life, because the previous generation has failed to support them correctly. Mentoring these children now will control the damage that has already been done and help to stop more mistakes from happening in the future.

How does mentoring help girls become more empowered?

Mentoring helps girls learn how to deal with the problems they face in everyday life. By working through many of these issues themselves, they become more self-confident and aware of other challenges they can overcome. Mentors talk to girls about everything from schoolwork, peer pressure, sexual conduct, social media, and choosing good friends. Getting girls to accept that they are beautiful exactly as they are and to not give in to media stereotypes is difficult, but it can be accomplished. Teaching these girls to respect themselves by not giving in to what a boy wants or posting nude pictures through social media, gives girls the power to believe in themselves and their fundamental rights. By reaching out to mentor a girl, you can change her life as well as many others. Put the future in better hands.

Would I be a good mentor?

To find out if you would be a good mentor, first answer these questions to learn more about yourself. The better you understand about yourself and your past, the more you have to offer.

  1. What type of challenges have you faced?
  2. How did you get help in these situations?
  3. What gave you the inner strength to move forward in your life?
  4. How did you encourage yourself? What did you say to yourself?
  5. Where did you find hope and inspiration?
  6. Throughout your journey, how did gratitude and self-effort help you progress?
  7. What did you learn from others experiences that allowed you to focus on your goals?
  8. Do you have the patience and perseverance to stick with a mentee for as long as they need?


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