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Updated on March 18, 2012

Writing a Good Resume

Resumes are the face of job-seekers or any one who is looking for a better career. It is important for one to know the importance of resume before appear interviews.

How Important?

Every thing in a world needs a intro. Whether it is a product or human presenting to the world of market is really important. Imagine a world cup foot-ball or Olympics 2008 with out ads, will it be popular this much? never!!!

Many people thinks resumes are not important but the fact is resumes are more important. If a resume gives 100% view of all your talents, employer gets more confident and your rate of success in the interview is reserved hence.

Resume Basic Tips

Writing a good resume

Very first, Clearly state your objective in two to three lines. Highlight what you want to be and your growth prospect targets. Do Not spend more lines here as this will be

Next put your professional or work summary. This is purely about your work experience and knowledge, and not the list of companies where you worked. Highlight the areas where you are strong and your specialization. This should speak more so spent more lines (should start after objective and can go upto the end of first page.

Next is the work summary which list the companies hired you earlier. Put latest company first. Make the company name as a Title text. Work place, your designation and period of work in next lines (separate lines).

Your educational qualifications should come next mention the degrees in reverse order (highest qualification comes first).

Put any certifications in separate topic if you have any. Put your achievements and awards received in a separate topic. Just mention the title of the award/certification and the period on which you are awarded. Do not brief them in lines.

Next you can put your work/project details. If you are in a manufacturing and other industries, put the departments you have worked. Put your responsibilities, team size, and your contributions. Contributions are more important because all the employers will spend more time here.

Last but not least, put your personal details at the end. This includes your full name, email, phone number, passport and visa details. Contacts are really important. Make sure you give a phone number reachable always for you.

Watch this for more tips on resume writing

Resume Tips

  • Avoid too much of sentences try to write as short as possible.
  • Use fonts uniformly (same font).
  • Avoid non-uniform sizes, give uniform sizes for paras and uniform sizes for headings.
  • Avoid redundant data.
  • Use header/footer to put your name and email.
  • Use page numbers.
  • Do not write any negative points.
  • Do not mention your current pay scale and expectations.
  • Do not exaggerate any thing.
  • Neatly arrange your resume to make sure continuity while reading.
  • Justify Align all paragraphs.
  • Take a hard copy your resume and have a self review.
  • Always get your resumes reviewed by your friends, review is more important.
  • Refer to others resume in your industry which will give you some idea on writing your industry specific lines.
  • Keep on updating your resume periodically which will shape your resume much better.
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    • profile image

      manjunath.m 5 years ago

      ya very nice tnk u

    • stevencruiser profile image

      stevencruiser 6 years ago

      Resume format is an important issue for job seekers while configuring their resume.Great hub,as each and every point has been discussed very well in this article.I am very thankful for your valuable tips.

    • profile image

      Rajabalimudbul 6 years ago

      i would say this is excellent resume format because whatever we have in self we mention in writ way, that is why it was very good.

    • profile image

      KHUSHBOO 6 years ago


    • selvirajan profile image

      selvirajan 7 years ago from India

      Corrected typos. Thanks for pointing out.

    • profile image

      Unkniwn 7 years ago

      why is there a typographical error?

    • profile image

      madhumathi 7 years ago

      it's really very good and useful to me...

      thank you...

    • profile image

      Bhargav 8 years ago

      really nice.