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5 Great Logos for Indoor Children’s Playgrounds

Updated on April 23, 2013
Usage of logo on vehicle wrap for the children's indoor playground
Usage of logo on vehicle wrap for the children's indoor playground | Source

When searching for a great children’s playground many parents out there will just ask Google and see what comes up in the search results. And then they are going to be swayed in part by the company logo. It’s usually the first thing seen on the website and automatically e brain processes the pictorial message before a word is read. If it seems very amateur, you may suspect that the whole outfit is run by amateurs and so is unsuitable for your precious offspring. If the logo appears to have no relevance to kids at all, you will think you’ve landed on the wrong website.

A children’s playground logo has the potential to persuade a parent to head there with the kids or to avoid it at all costs. Indeed a highly effective logo can result in the kids demanding to be taken there! A logo must be memorable, unique and easy on the eye. For kids’ playgrounds it must be child orientated, brightly colored and depict the opportunity to have lots of safe fun.

Here are 5 great logos for children’s playgrounds and the reasons why they do their job perfectly:

Funnery Logo
Funnery Logo

The Funnery Playpark and Café

The logo shows that this venue is clearly for children and promises slides, fun and much more. The bright blue cup and tagline are a definite pull for parents as they shout out that there is a café for that well deserved break. The bright colors demand attention and that enormous coffee cup is going to stay in the memories of the parents when they next think of which playground to go to.

Planet Play Logo
Planet Play Logo

Planet Play – Orion’s Playground

The logo plays on the company name by depicting a planet with a group of very happy children playing. The company name is crystal clear and the use of eye-catching bright colors will attract the kids as well as the parents. It looks professional and well designed, giving the impression that the venue will be as good as the logo.

Gymalaya Logo by New Design Group
Gymalaya Logo by New Design Group


This logo shows a cheeky bear literally swinging from the company name. He’s happy and he’s having a great time. The colors are striking and the company name cannot be missed. This company offers recreational gymnastics classes for young kids and this energetic bear in conjunction with the company name certainly gets the message across.

Gymalaya has gone one step further with their logo and embraced the cheeky bear as a mascot for the company - a clever marketing trick which definitely enhances memorability of their brand. On their website the bear can be seen jumping and doing a handstand. He also decorates the walls of the Gymalaya venue and the company van livery, and makes a prominent appearance on the Gymalaya Members Loyalty Card (where clients can collect their bear points!).

When a children’s playground expands their logo to create a mascot that can be used in a variety of highly visible situations, it is definitely good for business as people will sit up and take notice. The Gymalaya bear has apparently limitless talents: he can cartwheel in a hoola hoop, do handstands, swing, skip and even enjoy a good birthday bash. He really is the ‘face’ of the company. Check out his video here:

Playfit Logo
Playfit Logo

Playfit Kids Club

This is a great logo – a cute grinning blue elephant, his little mouse friend and some bright colored balloons. It will definitely appeal to kids – for most children, balloons signify a darn good party! The parents will also like this logo because of the use of the word ‘fit’ and ‘play’ in the same breath. In fact this playground is slightly different to many others as it offers fitness sessions for kids and this comes through loud and clear via the logo.

Tommy Kplay Logo
Tommy Kplay Logo


Two happy kids, a simple, bold design, the use of bright colors, and a tagline to warm the cockles of any parent’s heart: ‘Good Clean Fun’. This gives the impression that the venue is well staffed by people who will stand no nonsense from troublesome toddlers and kids who like to kick. For a safe and enjoyable play day, this venue sounds ideal.

Logos are small but when perfectly formed can tell a thousand words. The logos above are all great for a children’s playground and clearly deliver the brand promise of each company: safe, fun and professionally run.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.


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