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Grofers- Where everything gets delivered to you on demand!

Updated on September 7, 2015

Got this Celebrations box for free

I love sweets
I love sweets | Source

Why I chose to review Grofers?

There are so many grocery shopping apps out there like GrocerMax and PepperTap, but I chose to review Grofers because it always offers good discounts. I have tried all three of the apps named above, but the delivery time and the product quality was also the best with Grofers. There is only one disadvantage of using Grofers that I’ll be mentioning soon.

My Experience

I have ordered some 5 or 6 times from Grofers and each time I was able to avail a discount ranging from 20% to 30%. Moreover, when I ordered it on Rakshabandhan (a Hindu Festival), they delivered little boxes of Cadbury Celebrations along with every order for free (As a gift). This is something they do often- they gift you stuff for free. In past, they have delivered pomegranates and mangoes with every order, that too along with the discount! So this is the USP of Grofers- a coupon is always applicable!

Orange Orange everywhere!

Now, they deliver their stuff in orange bags that are made of fiber kind of material. As you can see these are nice orange bags which you can use for various purposes, for example- when going to buy vegetables.

Also, these are delivered by MIO (Men In Orange) with the logo on the t-shirts, so you can certainly identify the delivery people from far.



What I didn't like ..

As I mentioned, it lags behind only in one sphere- there are too many vegetables that these people don’t keep/provide, even in metro cities. For instance, whenever I have to cook a broccoli I am forced to order from GrocerMax or PepperTap. When they can, Grofers must too! Except for this, my experience has been all good with Grofers.

Soon I’ll come up with more such reviews, so stay tuned and forget not to comment below.


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