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Grow Professionally in Retail Sector by Submitting a Dollar General Job Application

Updated on January 2, 2013
Dollar General Store
Dollar General Store | Source

Individuals, who have an experience in retail industry or who keen to make their career as a retail professional, Dollar General Corporation offers a wide range of job opportunities for them. In order to grab the opportunities, a Dollar General Job application must be completed and submitted to any of the stores or online at company’s website.

Dollar General History

In 1939, a J.L. Turner and Son wholesale was opened in Scottsville, Kentucky and later in 1955 one of its department stores in Springfield, KY was converted to first Dollar General Store, where no item was kept over $1. In 1989, the organization completed 50 years of success with 1300 outlets in several countries that had over 7000 associates. In 1996 it the company surpassed the annual sale of $ 2 billion and net income of $ 100 million, and it was happened for the first time in Dollar General Corporation’s history. After one year of this achievement, company surpassed stores numbers by 3000 and workers by 25000. The year 1999 is most important for the conglomerate because in this year it was listed by the Fortune 500, and after one year, the company opened new corporate headquarter in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and exceeded the net sale by $ 4 billion. In 2003, David Perdue was became the chairman and CEO of the company, and in 2004, company opened 7000th store. In 2007, Dollar General was acquired by Kohlberg Kravis Robert & Co. L.P. and became a private organization, and in 2009, it became a public corporation and now the company is running more than 10000 discount stores all over the country, and 11 distribution centers to support these stores.

Dollar General Career Area

Dollar General Corporation has a wide scope for all job seekers, and interested candidates can find the job in different career areas as per their qualification and working skills.
Detailed information on each Dollar General department is given below:


Dollar General Corporation has more than 10000 outlets in around 40 U.S. states, specially located in small and medium size communities. DG stores have been developed to provide all necessary household products to people at lower price, so that they can live better.

At DG stores customers can find a wide variety of household products, office and school item, food item, Health and Beauty products, apparels and accessories, baby products, kids toys and accessories, seasonal requirements and décor items. DG stores associates are responsible to make shoppers knowledgeable about each product, and help them to select best. This is why people love to visit DG stores again and again.

DG stores career is extremely vast and numbers of jobs are available here for both beginners and experienced. DG stores jobs can be divided in two categories:

Hourly Positions: Dollar General stores offers numerous hourly position for entry level workers including stores assistants, customers care associates, return desk executive, sales counter associates and many other.

People, who join DG stores as an hourly associate, are paid $ 8.00 to $ 11.00 per hour, and also offered countless opportunities for their professional development. It is observed, that many entry level workers who are found dedicated or who perform best are promoted on one level higher position by the corporation.

Management Positions: DG stores provide variety of management jobs for qualified retail professionals. These associates are responsible to develop; coach and guide a team that can offer best customer services. DG store management positions include store manager, assistant store manager, district manager, region director etc.
Candidates, who get management positions in the company, earn $ 30000.00 to $ 85000.00 monthly. Further, they also find plenty of options for their career improvement.

Distribution Centers

Dollar General Distribution centers are an important part of company’s business operations. Distribution centers associates work hard to deliver all products in all stores that are generally purchased by countless employees every day. Distribution center member use advance technologies to assure that their customers are getting best quality at lower cost.
DG distribution centers provide both hourly clerical and material handling positions as well as salaried positions. Company pays $ 8.50 to 11.00 for hourly positions, while for salaried positions it gives $ 30000.00 to 75000.00 per month.

Corporate Head Quarter

Dollar General corporate head quarter, also known as store support center is located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The corporate office is formed to provide help and support to stores employees. Corporate office associates enjoy an active and fast-paced working environment, where every day they face new challenges.
DG corporate division is divided into various departments to meet business requirement efficiently and effectively. Dollar General corporate office offers limitless jobs in different areas, such as:

• Marketing Section
• Business Development
• Finance and Account Department
• HR Department
• Production Unit
• Legal Issues Unit
• Information Technology Department
• Store Functions
• Store Expansion
• Internal Audit Section
• Risk Administration
• Supply Unit

DG corporate associates find a rewarding career along with lots of employee benefits and attractive remunerations. The company pays $ 25,000 to $ 1, 00,000 to corporate employees, according to their position.
Apart from this, the company also offers various opportunities for their career advancement.

Dollar General World

Dollar General has more location in the country than any other retailer in the U.S. Therefore, the company has a unique impact on retail industry. DG associates make the difference by providing best quality and best services to all communities in all stores.
Dollar General helps environment by following recycling procedure. Around 2.5 million trees are expected to save through cardboard recycling. A lot of waste items such as used computer equipment, store fixtures, papers and plastics are used in DG recycling procedure and kept away from landfills. Further, the company also provides people many planet-friendly products including green household cleaning products and reusable shopping bags. Thus, the company not only improves people’s life but plays an important role to save the environment.
By working in Dollar General Corporation, you not only enjoy a gratifying career but get an opportunity to be a part of the environment savior organization.

Dollar General Job Application Overview


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