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Growing and Learning life at new rates

Updated on December 10, 2018

Six months ago I started this crazy idea

I have been a freelance author for a while.

I have hundreds of books hidden in the deep caverns of my file folders. Not to mention the half finished ramblings of semi-coherent ideas saved in the countless folders of my many email addresses. I have published articles, educational pieces, other people's novels and edited everything in between. It made me happy. Writing is just something that I always think about and always go to. It never lets me down.

So, I thought about what I am doing. I never have any real idea of what I am doing with my life but despite the confusion I keep going. I have an A.A. Business management. I have B.S. Nursing (unfortunately the school lost accreditation). Now I am finishing a B.S. English / Licensed Teacher. I kept telling myself that I *NEEDED* to follow this 'Parent Approved' career path of medical.

During that time, I started my business with the thought that it could keep me afloat while I go to medical school. It is something I love doing and everyone can tell when something is made with love. I have been freelancing for years and it is time to give myself a name to the work I love doing.

Daee Dreamz was born May 2018! I finally had a writing business!

Sadly, I neglected it for months though because I didn't believe in myself.

I found myself in the unlikeliest of places

I didn't just start my business as I went to school. I also got 2 other jobs. I kept wanting to write but I only completed tiny jobs here and there.

One job that I expected to be the most crucial to my future, became my most hated job. I dreaded every minute at this job. I kept telling myself it was the people at the job, or the place. I refused to allow myself to believe that it was a profession I was forcing myself to like.

My other job was taken because of the benefits. I get to play with children and legos and help enrich the future of America. After the initial 'newness' I grew to love each day there. I am happy to go every day and I feel good after leaving. I never once thought I would enjoy teaching. I never thought I could stand up in front of a crowd of tiny humans and teach them about the world. I never thought I would love it. Teaching changed my life.

I quit the other job. Dedicated my time to teaching and writing and now a new degree. The long story does lead to a lesson. Even at my age, with my previous conceptions and determination can find their passion. It is never too late. There is a purpose in each of us and it can be awakened in the unlikeliest of places.

It is never too late to be what you were meant to be!

It is your life, make it great.

Learning new things and braving new scary territory

So, I stayed strong. I moved forward and I achieved another amazing thing. I finally got the courage to put my most worked on novel into the market. I got a professional editor that was not me and terrified, started a crowdfunding campaign. Now, a month later - it is one of the 40% that gets funded. (As a side note: if you are interested in reading part 1 send me your email and I'll send you a copy).

During the nerve-wracking crowdfunding campaign, and all the crazy changes in my life, I was still trying to build my business. I've run many businesses. I have managed myself into invaluable territory at jobs. I thought I knew a lot. I was wrong!

I do know a lot, but I don't know how to make the money come flying at me now that I have decided to organize the business I love. I half expected amazing results because I never have to try to hard to get freelance work. I usually get a job within hours of looking for extra freelance work. I love writing and learning. How hard could it be? Answer: pretty hard. At least not as easy as I expected.

So, this is the juncture where I share what I have learned about running a personal business. Despite my fails, I have several helpful tidbits of information I feel any business owner or aspiring business owner could use.

Most important moves for your business

Make sure not to Forget this!
No matter the business, you have a 70% higher success rate if you find a mentor
No one can find you if you aren't out there. Marketing is more than emails though
Don't sell yourself short! Take what you deserve. Word of mouth is amazing but even a negative review puts you out there - have advice for free in any business question
Make your business website, and one on facebook, and you can register with google for free
When you don't know what to do; ask someone! Never just take everything on your shoulders
Small business Development centers found in
Business cards are cheap and constant marketing
what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance

The Key to Success is

to start before you're ready!

Never Give up! Here is some resources to help!

Google business is easy and free marketing for people to reach you. This can also be done with yelp, Bing, facebook, twitter, reddit, and any other major search engine

Networking is more valuable than money. Find like minded people; listen and learn.

Reach out to anyone whenever you have a question. This is important because its easier to ask than it is to find the wrong way to do things.

Keep the reason you started the business is mind because it is going to get hard. It will make you want to quit, but the reason you started will keep you going.

Make yourself available to those who need what you are selling. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. You need to get out there and grab the attention of people who need your product or service. Effort goes a long way.

Research your market every day. Find new leads and follow up with them. Your business is a baby and needs constant attention.

Finally, never give up. The hardest part is finding out how close you were before you quit. If you're feeling lost or overwhelmed, contact anyone (even me) and people are a lot more willing to help than one would think


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