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How to work efficiently and still have time-off at work

Updated on February 8, 2016
Work-life balance is important
Work-life balance is important | Source

Work is not just about work

When we talk about job most of us imagine boring desktop environment, full of stress and no prospects. However, it is not the job that is boring. It is the people around you. They are all playing their part in this gigantic machine that supports no creativity, imagination and restricts initiative. You are supposed to do what you were told. Period.

But is that true? Luckily, there are companies that are taking different approach. Seems like technology companies are actually trying to create a better environment for their employees. How can they do that? Well, it's not all that hard.

Work can be stresful


How to stand out

There is no struggle for an employee to stay invisible. However, it is not the best way to go. For instance, if you keep quiet, others will assume you are bored and will give you more tasks. That is exactly the opposite of what you need. Make sure to have what would seem like a lot of different tasks - walk around the office and demonstrate how busy you are. Help other whenever needed and even if not asked to - check how they are doing and if they need assistance. This way you will position yourself as a helpful and competent colleague.

it is important to stand out and show your value to the company
it is important to stand out and show your value to the company
Timing - the most important thing in life
Timing - the most important thing in life | Source

Timing is everything!

Find the time to entertain yourself at work. It doesn't have to be social media. Many companies ban Facebook and Youtube, so try to find an alternative solution. Be careful with using your smartphone - staring for hours may raise suspicions. If you really need to use it - make sure that no one sees you. In the end, you should find a way to have some fun at work, not lose your job!

One of my previous employers - a large cruise line company - had a flag system implemented: whenever an employee was using internet for personal activities, a little company logo flag had to be put on the desk. This way, if company had visitors, management could always explain why employees have news website open. It was fair and open - you could use the internet for entertainment, but everybody knew when and for how long. Doing it for the whole day would be an embarrassment.


Fun at work

Sooner or later you will be bored at work - fed up with shopping online, looking at cat pictures or reading the news. How about making some extra cash? There are many different options. You can read about one possible business idea here - perfect for desktop jobs and potentially profitable.

Another great opportunity to get some extra cash is writing for sites like Hubpages. First of all, it will improve your wring skills which may be a big benefit in the future. Second, it will help you fight boredom and motivate you to research about things that you like.


People's person

Are you a people's person? Well you should be! Getting along with others can transform the way you are at work, the ways you spend your time there. Communication is a basic need for any human being. How about taking a coffee break with someone you barely know? Know knows, maybe this person goes in the same gym as you. Or maybe they always wanted, but never dared to go there alone. Believe it or not, there are people who just wait to be discovered. You may be just the right person to help them out. And when the time comes, they will help you out in return.

You don't need to be a clown. Being the people's person is not about entertaining others. It is about broadening your horizons, stepping out of your comfort zone and discovering someone new. We are surrounded by people, and still we feel alone in the city. Can you guess why? Because we are scared to look beyond our little bubble.


Enjoy it or quit

Having a boring job is not a must. Sooner or later you will get fired anyway because some young school kid will be smarter and faster. How to secure the job? Communicate, make friends, talk to people, be a psychologist, be a shoulder to cry on. But please do not just sit there and be bored, because life is not about that. Life is actually too short to be bored. Have a look around and ask yourself - what is it that makes you happy and shine? Maybe, if it is somewhere else, probably it is time to move there?


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