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Increase Your Earning From Survey Sites

Updated on August 26, 2011

Before you get started, some things you need to know.

I've seen a lot of people asking about paid survey sites and validity. So I'm gonna share my research for anyone thinking about looking for survey panels. I generate enough from just 3 or 4 sites to cover my spending online and offline. I paid for every bit of my baby gear this way, and also Christmas. I started doing surveys about a year ago, and around the summer time, I had gone through enough sites to know which ones were legitimate. I tried many survey sites and weeded out the ones that truly work for me and left the others alone. Before I share these sites with you, a few tips, for those of you who do surveys already, you'll probably be familiar with some of these. However for those of you new to survey taking and looking for easy ways to generate a little spending cash from home, this will be a great help to you.

Important to Remember

Number 1: It is best if you open a separate email account solely for survey use. Once you start doing these, they email the invites to you for each survey, and it's much easier, and also doesn't overload your regular, personal email account with survey invites.

Number 2: Never pay for any opportunity to do surveys for cash. Most likely it's scam, or it's just not worth it because you give more than you actually get. There are more opportunities to receive legitimate survey chances without spending a dime. Some sites do have several means of earning money in addition to surveys. These are okay, because you can choose to just do the surveys, or do an offer every now and then. Your choice.

Number 3: For the best payment experience, you will need a Paypal account if you don't already have one. This is a safe and fast way to receive payment, and also convenient if you shop online because this is the preference of many retailers also. I prefer to get paid with paypal, and the best survey sites pay with paypal.

Number 4: Once you join a survey site, most will have a set of profile questions to fill out. Some will reward you for doing these and some will not. However, the mini surveys pertain to you and your interests, habits, family lifestyle etc, and if you want to receive more surveys, than you need to make sure to fill these out. It will allow companies to better match you to more survey opportunities.

Number 5: Also once you join a survey site, most of the survey invitations are going to come to you via email. however, there are some sites that may rarely send you an invite. This doesn't mean they aren't available, you just need to remember to log in to the website occasionally and check your dashboard. There will usually be long lists of surveys waiting.

You will not get rich from this, so if that's what you're striving for, you need to find something other than survey sites. You can however, earn a little extra spending cash to use as you wish. Some sites, I cash out often to my paypal, and other sites, I let add up until there is a need, and by the time, say Christmas, rolls around, sometimes you have enough in one place to pay for your Christmas. Talk about a way to start the year if you plan to start saving money. Spend what you make online, and save the other income in your household. Say it with me...."Cha-Ching".

Check I Received From One Of My Sites


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  • STEVEW13 profile image

    Steve Wright 5 years ago from Norwich, England

    I take regular surveys for a site here in the UK, seems to work fine, although there is often the frustration of getting into it, answering several questions and then being told you don't fit the criteria for that kind of survey. The details already asked are the ones they have on file for you... a real pain! Great hub though :)

  • holyjeans30 profile image

    Amy D. 7 years ago from Mostly in My Own Little World

    Thank you for commenting Rhelena. They can definitely be somewhat time consuming. I've found it best to pick the top few sites that payout the easiest and quickest and just stick with those. If you try to take on too many like I did for a while, it gets a little overwhelming. I've actually been earning more just from narrowing it down to my select few favorites. I'm also home all day lol, so I have nothing but time somedays.

  • Rhelena profile image

    Rhelena 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your info. I have tried survey sites in the past, and you can make money with them, but they are a lot of least the ones I worked with. Maybe I'll try them again in the future...just for fun :)

  • holyjeans30 profile image

    Amy D. 7 years ago from Mostly in My Own Little World

    Hello ImChemist, and thank you for commenting. A lot of people I tell about this feel the way you do. Most people don't believe that companies would pay anyone to answer questions. They do however. I've seen many scam ones too, it's just been a matter of trial and error. I've found many very good sites that allow me to be able to continue shopping online, or put it into my bank account when needed. It's just one of those things, don't believe it until you see for yourself.

  • ImChemist profile image

    ImChemist 7 years ago

    I don't believe in making money from paid surveys because most of them are scams.

  • lindacee profile image

    lindacee 7 years ago from Arizona

    It was Mindfield. I think they have a way to register internationally, but now that I have registered as a U.S. resident, I'm not sure how to proceed with them. I will check into it and see if I can change my settings and find out if they have any surveys pertaining to South America.

  • holyjeans30 profile image

    Amy D. 7 years ago from Mostly in My Own Little World

    Oh, I'm sorry. That is a bummer. Which one was it? Some survey sites actually have international versions.

  • lindacee profile image

    lindacee 7 years ago from Arizona

    I recently joined a survey site only to find I was ineligible because I currently live outside the U.S. I was sooooo bummed! :(