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Updated on February 11, 2017



What to expect from working with UBER

Most people drive for Uber to earn extra income, Most drivers have a full time job so they choose to do UBER on the weekend since UBERING on Friday and Saturday can add between $200-$1000 to your income ( Depending on your city, whether it's big, small, touristic etc)Other drivers do it right after work on a daily basis to add an extra $30 to $40 per day to their income, Other drivers do it full time, so a realistic income expectation from driving with UBER would be $200 average additional weekly income for those drivers who do it part time and a $400-$1000 for those doing part time and with that being said there is also the difference in earnings between UBER X, UBER XL, UBER SELECT AND UBER BLACK! we'll explain in deph in the next section the hourly and per mile rate for each one!


Which UBER CLASS to choose:X, XL,SELECT or Black?

Choosing which class to UBER under is going to depend on few factors, The number one factor is the Vehicle you own, the Car has to be 2011 or newer (for this year meaning 2017), it has to be a 4 doors and depending on what class it is you can either do UBER X: entry level Uber, basically most cars with 4 doors and 2011 or newer qualify ( UBER X is the lowest earning UBER out of all of them.

If you have a luxury car such as a BMW, AUDI, Mercedes etc you can do UBER SELECT, the rate per mile and per minute is way higher than an UBER X however, the depreciation and cost of a luxury car is also hiigher.

If you have a van then you will most likely qualify for UBER XL which would have the same per mile per minute rate as an UBER select.

If you have an SUV, you will most likely qualify for UBER black, this is the highest earning UBER class out of all of them.

I chose not to post the rates because they vary from one city to the other!


Most new UBER drivers when they start ubering, they are like a chicken with her head cut off, they start driving around as if they are cab drivers, Chasing the surge ( the surge is when the map in specific area turns red to show high demand areas)and that is not good except for when Driving on the weekend, the reason is, if you get to the surge area, the surge might no longer be active and someone who lives close to that surge area might cover that demand, sometimes surge appears even if it's only 2 clients in the area and no UBER drivers close enough, so you might end up wasting gas and adding wear and tear, so it's best to cater to the area near you, except for the weekend, that's when most people go downtown to have few drinks and UBER safely back home.

If you are doing UBER X, trust me every dollar counts, you cannot be driving around and not factoring in your gas, your wear and tear, the number of hours on the road..... I have heard numerous UBER drivers telling me about their very high income so when I start asking them about their cost, wear and tear etc their income is no longer good enough, they sometimes drive 8 miles to pick up a client who will only go 1 1/2 miles, that is why it is important to only accept requests that are not too far ( just make sure your acceptance rate does not drop below 75%)

If you Drop a client at a nice busy location, such as restaurants, plazas etc wait for 20 minutes before driving home because you might get another trip quick.... This will maximize your earning per mile.

When putting gas in your car, I recommend you Go to Costco or Sam's club because they are usually 30c cheaper, trust me that will add up a nice chunk of money

To Maximize your earnings off the road, you can do what many UBER drivers are doing to get $450 per referral, they will post a Youtube video, speak about UBER for few minutes then post a referral link at the bottom of the video to sign up, that will help the new driver earn $50 for signing up, I am guilty of the same thing however it is a win win situation for both the referrer and the new driver, since signing up without a referral link will not get the new driver a bonus, bonuses can vary from $100 to $500 depending on the area.

If you are interested in earning $50 click on the link below the photo


Which cars Are the best to use for UBER?

I won't be encouraging people to buy a specific brand over another but you decision has to be based on lowering cost and optimizing your earnings.

If you decide to go with UBER X then a hybrid would be your best option, if you decide to go with UBER SELECT, I recommend a car that does not break often and a case that is also good on gas, the newer Generation of German engineered luxury cars come with an option called " Eco Pro" when using this option you can get 27mpg city and 30-32 mpg highway.

If you decide to go with an SUV for UBER BLACK make sure it is good on gas, cost of repair is not too high and make sure you check the UBER black requirement ( what vehicle age is allowed and what not)

UBER is definitely a good idea for supplemental income and in some cities a good idea for a full time, In San Francisco UBER drivers can make $250 000 /year , so it's time if you have been considering UBER To jump on the bandwagon.

For signing up, use the link below to earn a bonus offer of $50

UBER sign up bonus $50



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