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Happiness And Success in Life

Updated on February 13, 2016

How to lead a successful life

Do not fret, this is not one of those guides which try to sound helpful but do you no good. In fact, this will just help you gather your thoughts so you may be able to identify what objectives and aims you wish to achieve.

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is one of the first questions you should always ask yourself when you are confused as to what you want to do in life, if you are at a dead end or have to decide upon something. Not only will this give you direction, but it will also encourage you to work towards achieving this aim.

What makes you happy

thumbs up
thumbs up | Source

2. What makes you happy?

By far this is something crucial to consider and something we never do think about. We have formed a habit of associating happiness with money all the time when that is not the case at all! What if you are earning in millions and yet never find the time to go on trips, shopping or spending time with family? That will not make you happy, it will make you a robot. So make a list of what makes you happy and which of those things you would like to remain in your life forever. It might be your family, some alone time, etc., but do find this out.

3. Meditation or Exercise

No, this is not some scam exercise and yoga companies have built. In fact the helpful effects of exercise have been augmented by scientific evidence which shows that it helps release happy hormones in your body, called endorphins, which make you happy, help you relax and focus better.

4. Be kind to others

This plays a great role in your professional and personal life. When you are helpful and kind to others, it gives you inner satisfaction and peace and builds a good rapport with people. They are more willing to help you out, talk, listen to you rant and support you in your times of need because they appreciate the kindness you have towards them. Regardless what anyone might say, you need friends, you need a support system to make sure you do not get lonely.

Succes Plan

succes plan
succes plan | Source

5. Reflect Daily

You are your best critic and your biggest fan. Only you can provide yourself with constructive criticism and the motivation to improve upon these areas. Which is why I have always loved the idea of reflecting. Before sleeping, reflect upon your day and recognize what made you happy and what you thought was something you should change. This keeps polishing you and makes you a better version of yourself every day.

Try to follow one of these pointers every day and you will find yourself feeling happier and achieving more than usual. Discover yourself more, make your own pointers and follow them wholeheartedly. Success is feeling content with what you achieve and trust me, each of these points brings you closer and closer towards achieving your dreams happily.


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