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Harrogate Accountants

Updated on December 10, 2014

Harrogate Accountants

If it’s the case that you’re starting own business, or even working as both self-employed as well as being employed by a business, it’s important to make sure that you’re paying your fair share of taxes. However, there are countless accountants out there, so which one should you choose?

When it comes to Harrogate accountants, the best firm around is Stringer Mallard. Stringer Mallard have been in the business for several years and not only are they highly successful at what they do, but they also carry out crucial tasks. As well as making sure you’re paying your fair share of money to the tax man, they offer much more than this. Much like their tagline suggests, they’re more than just accountants. Rather, they know that when you’re involved in running a business, you don’t just need to pay the right amount of money to HMRC to make sure you don’t get a severe slap on the wrists.

A firm that's a real cut above the rest

As well as preparing your tax bill, they are also on hand to undertake a fully comprehensive audit of your business. This is useful in cases where you have left your business in the hands of someone else that you feel was capable of the job. This analysis will show exactly what incomings and outgoings are. This can highlight areas whereby there have been genuine errors in the way the business has been run. However, it is also advantageous to use this in situations whereby you feel that the books are indeed being cooked and you’re effectively being stolen from. Clearly in this case, it could be classed as a criminal matter and as such you’d need to make sure that before any complaint is made a full forensic background check of the books will have to be performed. This is to ensure that all the evidence is collected in your favour and can allow you to get your money back.

It could also aid you in situations whereby a previous accountant hadn’t quite done their job properly and you may have paid more than your fair share to HMRC. As an extension of this, they also can assist you in the running of the business. This can be achieved by not only helping you plan out the future developments for the company but also involved in assisting you by putting you in contact with other people in the same line of work, such as suppliers etc.

Moreover, the company aims to learn more about your business than any other firm would normally do. In part, this is due to the fact that by observing the business from the outside (some might argue in an impartial manner), it will allow them to see potential areas of improvement. Of course, this would in turn result in a greater revenue for you as well as profit margins. This in turn would also result in better profits for the firm since they’ll be assisting you with this, and it results in more work for you both at this stage as well during the tax returns for the upcoming end of the financial year.

As an extensive of this, you’re also given the opportunity to receive financial planning and advice away from the tax issues. This can be useful since having the correct contacts could manage to secure you a better loan or investment that you may not necessarily gain otherwise if you directly to the bank. This in the long term could be of significant benefit to your business since you’ll have the option to have this advice on hand through the firm, rather than going through the rigmarole of having to search for the appropriate people to assist you with your finances.

The clients speak for themselves

As a whole, SM has a wide clientèle base. One of their largest customers is AutoVIP. For those not in the know, AutoVIP is a highly prestigious car company that allows you to sell your high end cars (Aston Martins, Ferrari’s etc). With a company with such a high turnover, it’s clear that they needed a reputable and highly respected company that would be able to manage their accounts. Due to this Stringer Mallard was a no brainer.

This is just one example of the high ranking clients that are served by SM, and you can rest assured you'll be in safe hands with them.


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