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Have A Website. Reach Out To More Customers.

Updated on August 10, 2009

Day in and day out, billions of customers are searching the Internet for the products and services they require. Therefore, businesses have understood that there is an enormous scope of reaching out to unimaginable number of customers through Internet. Astute entrepreneurs host websites of their businesses so as to extract maximum benefits out of this.

What are the benefits of owning websites?

1. When you compare print advertising with owning your websites for advertising, you can find that this is much cheaper. Further, you get more flexibility in this than in print advertising because a very large number of people can access your website for a longer duration and you can change the contents anytime, for which you should have a content management system. Even if you opt for print advertising, you can give the details of your website so that it can be viewed by potential customers. Another benefit from owning a website is it facilitates the potential customers to have direct communication with you by sending e mails through your website.

You can avoid the cost of printing brochures for your business. A brochure may contain limited details of your business whereas your website can make available all the details, the customers are looking for.

2. Customers from any country can view your website and hence you have a much bigger market for your products.

3. You can sell advertisement space to complimentary businesses which is another source of income for you.

4. Your website is accessible any time of the day throughout the year. Customers can access the website at their convenience.

5. If your website is an e-commerce site, payments can be made through the website itself.

6. Your website is the face of your business. It gives the details of your business as if you personally meet or talk to the customers. This gives a sense of satisfaction to them.

7. By studying the trends of the market and the changes in the mindsets of the customers, the contents and sales pitch can be modified suitably so that you impress more and more discerning customers.

8. Pre-purchase research done by customers by visiting your website improves your credibility rating because they will come to know the value of your products and services.

9. Your website should also contain a route-map to reach your premises. This will help customers who may get lost in trying to find your place. Any change in the address or contact phone numbers or email addresses can be effected immediately.

10. Two-way communication is possible between you and the potential customers through the website.

11. You can conduct market research through your website by conducting surveys and hosting questionnaires on it. Further, the traffic visiting your website, how the customers get to your website, etc. can be known through website statistics.



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