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Have we become obsolete

Updated on August 2, 2010
If I'm obsolet maybe I should just go fishing.
If I'm obsolet maybe I should just go fishing.


Have you noticed at work people starting to look at you as if you didn't belong. I don't know exactly why this is but I don't like it. The world of business is designed around the youth, not for their experience but their blind rage to succeed above and beyond others.

I don't think it makes a difference what kind of business your in, it's the stiff competition that is exacted my the managers to separate those entry level employees. I have seen over the last 30 years or so as good paying jobs or jobs with benefits that the total amount of people applying for these jobs are more and more educated.

Don't get me wrong I think education is a fine tool for a job that has the need for person who possesses the skills needed to operate a financial or business atmosphere where the utmost of mental skills are needed. What I see in this economy is people looking for work who are highly educated above the position they are seeking. This is dangerous because of only one of their learned skills are taken into consideration for the job.

I would say to become a good lawyer you need a command of the English language along with multiple skills associated with what ever field you are practicing. The same holds true for doctors,and other medical professions. Lets face it how many of you average Joe's are applying to be a lawyer or doctor, not as many that are seeking just employment in general fields of opportunity.

Not everyone can be the next great leader of men or a top Senator or other successful politician at large.The general workforce at large consist of store clerks,cashiers at grocery stores,stock boys,general labors and many other jobs that may not be earth shattering but have helped raised families over the years with honor and stability in the family.

If you have to take a questioner upon hiring on and some of the questions ask you why do you think you could be a valuable employee here at Joe Schmuck Company. I would venture to say everyone would answer to be the best I can be and work hard to satisfy the company's needs. Now just ask yourself pilgrim when was the last time you even satisfied anyone at work or home. Has your job become so mundane that you could sleep through the entire shift.

Lets talk about my favorite work, law enforcement, whether it be in a prison,local jail or a street deputy.These jobs are very serious and the possibility of getting hurt on the job is real. If you never been in this type of employment I guess you have seen Cops on the television. If this has been a motivator for your sole job in life by watching TV and deciding this is to be my life's carrier,your sadly mistaking and have made the wrong choice.

I have seen countless numbers of new recruits study hard just to pass the test at the Police Academy's training Centers just to fail on the streets under pressure of real life's experiences. This no place to enact revenge out on people who may have bullied you around when you were in school. Its call growing up, as you grow up some of those fears follow you throughout your life, be honest with your teachers in the Academy they are usually all cops who have seen everything you just dream about.

If you manage to pass your FTO cession which takes about 6 more weeks in most departments, you will be showed still further by another supervisor for a few more weeks just observing your actions  from afar. Police work isn't for someone who is just out of work and looking for a job.This is a way of life that will follow you every where you go from now on. You may have to arrest one of your neighbors for domestic violence, or a sister for shoplifting or worst. What ever happens you will be expected to take care of business in a professional manor at all times. Can you loose your temper ,of course unless your just a machine cops are human you know. When cops loose their temper someone usually goes to jail so I hope for your sake you follow protocol as you were trained in the Academy and all those months of training.

I'm not going to get into all the tragic and horrendous things you will see as a cop then have to deal with it as if it never happened, but afterwards when you get home that's when the test really starts. If your married you may have a tendency to holler at your wife or even maybe cry while your trying to figure out just what the hell you just witnessed and had to work through. Are these senior cops just animals with no conscious or just machines where nothing seems to bother them.

While your trying to sort things out in your mind you may be having second thoughts about your new found job in all its glory and lights, guns and free coffee at the local convenient store where you used to hang around when you were a kid. This job has so many sides with so many people judging you every time you turn around and that's just the people who hired you. Learning to cope with your neighbors and friends is another matter, trust me it just goes on and on.

A little known fact for you to think about also is the most important of them all. Not everyone is cut from the same cloth and you may not be suitable for this carrier, stats show that next to being a dentist suicide is among the second highest in any carrier you chose. I'm not trying to scare you off of being a cop, I've been in the business sense I was 20 years old I'm 61 now and finally thinking about retirement. This job has a way of making you outdated and obsolete and that's where the scary part just begins. Your sole will never let you return to that innocent kid that walked into the police department years ago. So my young friends please think about what it is you want to do in life because as long as it may seem its over in a blink.There are other jobs that can give you the zing or satisfaction your looking for other than being one of the most hated people on the planet, or so people will tell you, good luck and happy dreams.

P.S. Theres nothing more rewarding than a happy family, you have to work for it though.


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  • MinnesotaNorseman profile image

    MinnesotaNorseman 7 years ago

    ..... sounds like the film "No Country For Old Men". Kinda violent movie but it says a little bit about what you are saying here. Old bad is for old cops. The "new" bad is so bad it is "no country for old men" Sometimes "old" knowledge and experience can't get its mind around what the "new" kids consider the latest and greatest fad in crime and violence ..... };>{>