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Have you ever converted an Idea into Innovation? Share it at YoSuccess.

Updated on December 22, 2015

Are you working on any Idea?

Today mobile and web technologies have made it possible for the young business entrepreneurs and business startups to convert even the most raw ideas into money spinning business online. If you have any raw idea, working on any idea or have already converted any idea into an innovation then this article is for you. YoSuccess interviews people around the world, irrespective of their caste, creed or region, who have either implemented the innovated idea to make the world a better place to live or just working on the idea to make it successful venture online. While the successful people can share their journey to success at YoSuccess. If you are still working on any idea then you can request an interview by YoSuccess Team and if found feasible as a startup, the interview of such startups is published at YoSuccess. I am also working on an idea and fighting for success but keeping in view my passion, initiative and determination the YoSuccess Team published My Interview.

How to request an Interview at YoSuccess

Any website owner can request an interview at YoSuccess by providing the following information through the "Request an Interview" link of YoSuccess website:

  • Full Name
  • Email ID
  • Message in the message box that you want to be interviewed for your startup business.
  • Security Code to prove that you are not Robot

After you submit your request online the YoSuccess Team will contact you within next 48 hours along with questionnaire.

What type of questions are asked in Interview?

The following type of questions are asked by the YoSuccess Team:

  • Brief overview about the product being/to be sold online or service being provided/to be provided online.
  • What inspired you to build the above product or service
  • What is your success mantra in Life
  • Challenges faced by you and the biggest challenge faced by you to convert the idea into innovation.
  • How did you overcome such challenges especially the biggest challenge.
  • Could you fetch investments for your idea till now. Financial supporters to provide finance to your talented idea.
  • In case you have built a team then how do you prevent team workers to leave the project in the early stages when returns are either NIL or Negligible.
  • Online Tools/Applications/Services used by you to implement your idea.
  • One of your habit which encouraged you to move on.
  • One of your habit which you think was hurdle in your mission and you will either like to change or you have already changed.
  • Your "Tip to Success" to new startups.
  • Lessons learnt by you while implementing your Idea.
  • Expansion plans for next few years.
  • Had you the option to go back (rewind your time) what career would have you chosen.
  • Your best "Inspirational Quote"

What are the benefits of getting published at YoSuccess

YoSuccess Team will ask you to submit your latest photo image of minimum 1000 pixels x 600 pixels along with all your social network links like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and many more social networks through AddThis plugin. While your business website link will be populated immediately below your interview or success story, the social links will also be provided with wings to fly across the globe for making your innovating idea to be big hit across the globe. There is not much difference in "Interviews" and "Success Stories" except that success story tellers have to vouch for their long journey to success.

© 2015 Ashok Goyal


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