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Helpful Tips for Newcomers at Work

Updated on August 16, 2020
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Imran is an anthropologist who researches and writes on self-improvement.

Newbies, Please Nail It In The Beginning

Got a job recently? Congratulations on clearing the interview. You are all set to embark on your new journey, but your first concern must be that you are a beginner. You must worry because you will fall under the strict radar of the entire work fraternity.

Before proving your caliber through your job role and duty, you will have to prove what kind of person you are. Be ready for this test. So, my first tip is, be persuasive and appealing.

Show these qualities:

  • 1) Don't give any impression that will brand you as fake.
  • 2) Give a clear notion to your staff that you understand and get the idea of how to work.
  • 3) Focus all the time as there will be plenty of information to download and process.
  • 4) Appositely understand the work cycle and ethics.
  • 5) Do not have incomplete knowledge - You have the leverage to ask lots of questions.
  • 6) Seek clarification when you are uncertain, but don't be stupid.

Warning: Don't spoil your image by asking dumb and senseless questions. Even if your superiors answer, they will be amuzed at your ludicrousness. Bullies might even mock you.

Newcomers are vulnerable. It is crucial they show fortitude and smartness. That's another tip for you.

This article educates helpful tips, especially about the conduct at work.


Five Helpful Tips

  • 1) Be Sophisticated

The way you present yourself is crucial. It's your strength at the start. If you impress work folks by your traits and personality, you will successfully hide your flaws.

When you are presentable, people overlook the errors and shortcomings. Look for opportunities to showcase your abilities.

In other words, when you behave classy, your superiors and colleagues will form a good impression about you. Creating a good first impression is rewarding for the newcomers.

Below are some methods:

A) Look-wise

  • Look pleasant.
  • Have a decent dressing sense.
  • Smell good.

B) Your Persona:

  • Choose convincing words.
  • Show confidence.
  • Be spirited.
  • Don't be negative and pessimistic.
  • Psych yourself up.

C) Your working style

  • Learn and revise concepts.
  • Because you are new, don't take things for granted.
  • Don't take advantage of the leniency shown.
  • Try to be stable and aim for consistency.
  • Have plan A, plan B, Plan C to avoid failures.

Plan a lot. When you analyze, you pick up errors and find solutions.

  • 2) Be flexible :

As a person you are either an introvert or an extrovert. You are sharp-witted or a slow learner. You may be firm or servile, and so on.

Initially, be neutral and maintain a low profile at work.

Don't be so inflexible and frosty that peers form an absurd opinion about you. Be shrewd and smart. Then, No one will judge you too quickly too soon. Be liberal and flexible. Always have room for improvement. If you can change as per the demand at work, your performance will improve sharply. There will be a smooth flow in activities and tasks. Besides, you will have an excellent rapport with the fellow employees.
You will become a team player, and have good conduct too.

  • 3) Behold and discern:

Keep an open eye on the surroundings. Keenly watch the work culture. An alert person saves himself from troubles. The advantage of discerning is that you will quickly learn smart ways of working which your training may or may not provide.

Examples: Observe how people interact. Learn their techniques and methods of working. Find out who is who at work. Find out whose good books you must be in, and who needs to be in your good books. Learn where you can go easy, and where you must not lose focus at any time.

  • 4) Don't be a cartoon:

If you are a newcomer, it doesn't mean you are cuckoo. Your gestures and body language must not make you a laughingstock. Learn work etiquettes and earn respect. Beware of these especially:

  • Don't act foolishly.
  • Don't act dumb.
  • Do not show that you are too innocent or naive.

Similarly, your suggestions, statements, and remarks must not attract disapproval, dislike, contempt, and offense.

Don't give reasons to your colleagues to doubt your background, education, and professional profile.

  • 5) Beware of bullies:

Bullies exist everywhere, so there is no escape from them. Deal with them by showing courage and wisdom. All you need to do is, not take them seriously. Especially in your new term.

Condone their patronizing behavior as long as it is harmless. In fact, for their stupidity laugh along with them. Make fun of yourself to appease their errant minds. Mostly, It happens in the beginning. In time, everything will settle down, and you will do better.

The best way to get rid of bullies is to make them friends. If you can't be friends, try and have a decent bond at least. That way you will learn to be cooperative, and you will exercise control, which will boost your performance and build a good image for you.

You Can Do It

Most workers aspire and strive to gain expertise in their relevant fields, but one must also learn and practice the correct manner of working and getting the work done. The above-mentioned tips will steel you in the right direction to achieve personal and professional goals as newcomers at work.

Remember, as beginners don't be the same person as you are with family and friends.

Exercise caution in all the fields. In time, you will manage your professional and personal life smoothly by becoming adept, powerful, and valuable.

Aim to be indispensable. Have an open mindset; keep contributing, and work in the best possible ways.


© 2019 Imran khan


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