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High Paying Jobs Without Degree

Updated on September 27, 2012

Best Jobs Without Degree

It is true that the higher your degree you achieve, the bigger the salary you get, but I guess it's not always. Just because you didn't finish your college doesn't always mean you cannot land a job that pays you enough money. But to tell you honestly, some of the high paying jobs without a college degree are those where people who didn't finish or should I say never stepped into college at all. If you're too worried because your lack of college education will hold you back in achieving your dream job, then you might be surprised when you find out that there are lists of best jobs out there that don't require a degree which are increasing each day.

Let's take a look at this list of few different jobs that pays well and can make a good living that you might be interested in.

List of High Paying Jobs Without a Degree

  • Dental Hygienist

Primary Duties:

*It is the duty of a dental hygienist to clean and polish the patient's teeth.

* Examine their oral areas, neck and head for any signs of an oral disease.

* Apply fluoride on the teeth and other cavity protection agents for the prevention of tooth decay.

* Teaching or instructing patients in observing proper oral care habits

* They can also take x-rays and develop as well.

Average Starting Pay: $ 45,000

Lots of dental offices hire part- time dental hygienists who can work according to their available schedules since this job is in demand. Although this career doesn't need a four year course, it is required to have an associate’s degree in dental hygiene and need to get license.

  • Air Traffic Controller

Primary duties:

As its name says, they are responsible for controlling air traffic to ensure smooth and safe flights around the airports. They monitor and administer the movement and that the arrival of the aircraft is properly timed. They help pilots take-off, taxing, informing weather conditions and air traffic. In order to land in this profession, one needs to enroll for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) course and pass the test. Once cleared, he must then needs medical and drug tests followed by trainings.

Average Starting Pay $75,000

  • :Real Estate Broker

Primary Duties:

It is their duty to help clients buy or sell their property, whether for residential, storage, or for commercial purposes. Real estate brokers are independent professionals, and he is responsible in maintaining up to date list of available properties to their clients. If you are hardworking, then this is one of the best high paying jobs that suites anyone who didn't finish his bachelor degree. In order to get this job, one must need to attend few classes to become a certified real estate broker which cost less than going to college which you will surely spend thousands of dollars.

Average Starting Pay: Real estate broker can make the average of $ 71,500 or more annually.

  • Radiation Therapist

Primary Duties:

Radiation therapists usually work and assist radiation oncologists in helping treat cancer. They operate machines such as linear accelerator, particle generators and radioactive isotopes which are used for radiation treatments. They are also responsible in monitoring and recording the patient's treatment and if any negative reactions to the therapy then he can immediately report them. They also make sure patients feel comortable during their on going procedures. Radiation Therapists should have an effective written or oral communication skills, compassionate, know or have the ability to understand medical terms and comply to the safety procedure of radiation.

This kind of job is highly technical that requires a specialized education but one may not need to go to medical school to become a radiation therapist, you just need to have a year or two- year technical certification inorder to land in this field.

Average Starting Pay: $55,500

  • IT Manager

Primary Duties:

* IT managers are task to make sure computer operations and business networks run smoothly.

* The IT Manager's responsibility is to ensure an up-to-date operation in the IT Department in the arrangement of the organization's business objectives.

* Performs staff activities such as supervising, interviewing, , training, evaluating personnel's performance and so on to maintain competent staffing, improve their personnel's productivity and fulfill objectives.

* Works with decision makers from other departments to analyze, suggest, enhance, and support technology solutions for all forms of the organization.

* Coordinates different kinds of projects or activities to ensure conformity with set up guidelines.

* Partakes in meetings, trainings and seminars for the purpose of bringing and collecting informations needed to perform functions.

* He will also define and establish IT policies, procedures, and guidelones.

Annual Average Salary : $ 82, 600 - $ 105,000

  • Sales Manager

Primary Duties:

* Sales manager's role is to coordinate the distribution of sales by meeting the goals, sales target and establish training projects for sales representatives through planning and budget limiting.

* Motivates his team members to work together as one towards a common goal.

* A sales manager not only sells but also to maintain good relationships with the clients.

* His task is to supervise and track his team's performance to ensure the delivery of desired results and expectations of the organization.

* He support and stands by his team's side in times of crisis and takes the majority of decisions.

* A sales manager must set a good example for his team members and they should get inspirations from him.

Annual Average Salary: Sales Manager can make the average of $325,000

There are lots of career options for those who didn't finish or didn't stepped into college at all. It doesn't mean not having a college degree is the end of the world. But inorder for you to get any of these jobs, you still need to develop the necessary skills and experience to do this. Hard work must be present and planning means you can live a financially stable life.


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