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High Paying Jobs with Education or Training instead of Experience

Updated on April 7, 2011

Take Your Job With You

'Want to start your job career in an exciting field but you're worried you might not have the right kind of experience? Well start your engines, because there are many jobs you can enter with little or no experience and start earning a decent salary right away.

Cruise Ship Jobs

If you like to travel and enjoy serving people in exotic locations, you may enjoy being a bar steward. You can make a respectable income serving drinks to passengers on a cruise ship while learning the more lucrative bartending trade. There are also gift shop, media and photography opportunities. The Carnival Line can be contacted at Human Resources
Tel: (786) 845-7536 / Fax: (305) 715-9789

Game Tester

Would you like to play video games all day long to make sure they work properly? Game makers need testers for the beta versions of their products that are in the development stage. Your job would be to play them over and over to help identify the problems. While this may not be your dream position, it is a start and will get you noticed if you display self-motivation and professionalism.Look here for Game Tester job openings.

Police Officer

Many law enforcement agencies do not require any prior work experience but you must be U.S. citizens, over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license, no felony convictions and get through qualifiers such as a written entrance exam, oral interview, medical examination, background investigation, have corrected 20/20 vision, polygraph, physical fitness test and a psychological evaluation. Decide which career path you would like at their "Join the Team" site.

Publicity Assistant

If you have recently graduated with a degree in journalism or communication, you're entry into the world of publishing might be as a publicity assistant. Your may be required to do administrative activities such as coordinating author tours and books signings as well as write press releases, prepare press kits and mailings. This is a link to Random House's Summer Internship Program.

You Know You Want to Hug One

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo does its own in-house training for positions such as food service clerks, merchandise sales clerks, ticket sellers, Park aides, visitor assistance officers, pricing clerks, and parking lot attendants. If you love animals and want to earn some money while gaining experience, check out their Internship site.

Industrial Production Manager

Industrial production managers oversee the activities required to produce millions of goods in the United States each year. While those who want to work in this field aren't required to have a college degree, many employers prefer they do. Other employers provide on-the-job training. Industrial production managers can earn in excess of $40 per hour. Employers are likely to seek candidates who have excellent communication skills and related work experience and who are personable, flexible, and eager to enhance their knowledge and skills through ongoing training. Here are some openings at The Washington Post.

Giving People a Lift

Another over $30 per hour position is helping people get a lift. In addition to installing, repairing and maintaining elevators, elevator installers and repairers also work on escalators, chairlifts, dumbwaiters, moving walkways, and similar equipment. While most people who want to work in this field receive their training through apprenticeship programs administered jointly by employers and the International Union of Elevator Constructors, others receive training through programs sponsored by independent contractors.

Sales Representative

If you're willing to sell anything anywhere and don't mind commission-only pay, one of the fastest way to earn a six-figure income straight out of college is by taking a job as a sales representative. A sales representative job isn't easy. It requires an ability to handle rejection, optimism, competitiveness, perseverance, and patience. Most of a sales rep's time is spent trying to find leads, developing referral networks, and following up on leads by making phone calls, visiting clients, or meeting with potential clients.

While having a college degree is preferred, It is one of the few jobs where you can earn a six-figure salary without even having a high school diploma. Many companies will even accept you without experience providing you can show enthusiasm, energy and professionalism in your interview. Most will provide you with training and will often provide you with a small salary until you start generating enough sales to support yourself on a commission-only basis.When I checked this site, the Los Angeles Times listed over 29,000 openings for this position.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are the traffic cops of the skies. They make sure airplanes fly a safe distance apart and regulate airport arrivals and departures. Those who want to become air traffic controllers must enroll in a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) course and pass a test. Air traffic controllers can earn more than $50 per hour.

Pushing Tin


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    • Winsome profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Thank you, Louie, sometimes it helps to see what is possible before we set our goals. Good luck to you. =: )

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      omg this page is such a help i havent done any job search yet but def made my morning

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice post!

      Thank for share it.

      Happy New year 2011 :)

    • Winsome profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Thank you wonderful Rebecca! I have a friend who every so often is a chaplain on a gigantic cruise ship that sails all around the world, stopping at all the fun and desirable ports along the way. Imagine his job, performing fun weddings and a weekly little talk and the rest of the time dining at the captain's table and having an all expense paid tour of the best places in the world. Is that a great job or what!

    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 

      8 years ago from Canada

      winsome-- I posted an answer about links. Love the idea of cruise ships jobs, and the video is excellent.

    • Winsome profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      This is a selfish request...Just so we can all feel safer here, will someone who is very sharp but needs some work right away please follow up on this LAX posting. =:)

      How do I apply for a job as an airport security screener?

      Full-time and part-time passenger and baggage security screening positions at Los Angeles International Airport and Ontario International Airport are currently available with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an agency of the U.S. government. If you would like more information about these positions or are interested in applying for a TSA job, please contact:

      * On-line at

      * Call toll-free 1-877-631-JOBS (5627)

    • Winsome profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Yes Pamela, my goal is to stimulate thought and awaken hope. Unlike the other hub, this one realizes that for some of these you may need a degree, but you can start right away. I included the "Pushing Tin" trailer because I wanted everyone to see that job can be a killer. Still you get the beautiful girls right? =:)

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      8 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Unusual opportunities. I do know that you need college to get into an air traffic controller training program which is quite difficult. Not everyone is suited for that type of stressful job but since the opportunity is there, I imagine they will receive the right applicants. Good hub.


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