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Types of Home Based Businesses

Updated on June 27, 2012
Your Home Office
Your Home Office | Source

Types of Home Based Businesses

Home based businesses come in all shapes and sizes. While most home based businesses are of the online variety, there are also other ways that a business can be run from the home.

Offline Home Based Business

This type of business is run entirely from the home and conducts its activities completely offline. In fact, it is simply a normal business that has its office in the home.

Examples of businesses that can be run like this are in interior design, candy making, accounting and catering.

Essentially, if the business does not have high human traffic, does not have equipment or machinery that is noisy and can be run by a small group of individuals, it is probably possible to site the office at home.

Home Office - Onsite Work

For this type of business, the office is at the home but the actual work is not done at home but on site or at the customer's place.

Examples would include plumbing, landscaping work and carpentry.

Online Home Based Business

In this day and age, an online home based business is what comes to mind when somebody mentions a home based business.

It is a business started by one person, or a small group of people, that conducts its business completely online. It is typically self funded. In many cases, it is started by somebody with the illusion that online wealth is easy, aka get-rich-quick schemes.

It can also be started by someone with a geniune product or idea but without any business knowhow at all. The misconception is that since the Internet is global, all he needs is a website in cyberspace and visitors will magically arrive.

Practically anything can be the product or service in such a business although the newcomer will typically be selling ebooks or software. Some will be in mlm and network marketing companies. Many will also be selling physical products through ebay.


The Internet, along with technologies such as the mobile phone and the notebook, has freed us from the shackles of the office. Whether for better or for worse, the home based business is here to stay.


A Guide for Online Home Based Businesses - Learn about how to start an online home-based business and earn a good income from the web. You will get tips on designing a website, optimizing your site for the search engines and promoting your website. There are even motivational articles to keep you going when things get tough.


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