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Home Party Sales - Customer Recycling Technique

Updated on November 13, 2010

Repeat Customers Add Value

Make Your Customers into Repeat Customers
Make Your Customers into Repeat Customers

Leverage Your Assets

As a home sales consultant, you are probably sitting on a goldmine of wealth and don't even realize it. The goldmine looks pretty ordinary but what it can do for you is extraordinary.

Get the Customer Data

As a home party sales consultant you are probably already capturing customer information when you make a sale. Information like name and address is a great start. You do want to go further. You should also be capturing an email address, phone number and notes about the customer.

Yes, get and keep notes on every customer that you come in contact with. You never know when that information will come in handy. Lets say that the customer expressed an interest in a particular product but lamented that it could not be ordered in pink.

Several months later you review customer notes and realize that you have had that product in pink for a couple weeks. You call the customer to not only see if they are still interested in buying the pink product. While you have the customer on the phone you also see if they are interested in hosting a party to get the pink product for free. Maybe they mention that they can't afford the product in which case you explain about the sales opportunities your company can provide. The object is to be proactive in home party sales.

Where Change and Opportunity Meet

When you keep even small notes about customers, you will be surprised at the amount of opportunities that you will find later. Many things can change in several months and change provides opportunity.

The email address will become extremely important when you realize the potential that newsletters will provide. The ultimate use of newsletters is to provide a connection between you and the customer. Not a sales vehicle but an actual connection and source of information for your customer.

Don't Forget About the Hostess

You will also be wise to keep information about the hostess of the party. Demographic information like name, address, phone, and email will be important just like the customer information. You will also want to note the size of the party, total sales and what the hostess may have gotten for hosting the party.

The hostess information will allow you to also stay in contact and maybe make her party an annual occurrence. Maybe the item she got for hosting the party will be outdated in 9 months. Wouldn't it be great to have a certain percentage of your hostesses having an annual party? That is not out of the question.

What if...

There are a lot of things that can happen over time and I have covered a few scenarios.  Maybe the ultimate reason for keeping the information is to have a database of potential customers for a new venture.  Maybe you change companies for whom you direct sales.  Maybe you decide to start your own company.  You now have a start to your company.

Unless you capture that data, you can't act upon it. With customer data, you can be proactive in making sales, recruiting new home party sales associates, and booking parties.


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