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Home based Internet Job Scams

Updated on July 3, 2011

I would've visited hundreds of sites looking for work at home options. They boast of free work options and later ask for payment. Only towards the end of the registration process or when we collect detailed information, we would come across the money part involved in it - either a service charge or a registration fee or initial deposit.....

It was five years back, I saw an ad for a similar work at home service provider and applied for the work by paying Rs.800/Rs.850.they sent me a list of links, which were meant for only US residents or did not provided work to Asia region. The work involved too is like..... click on ads, paid to read mails, paid to click, paid to play, paid survey, etc.

Most of the sites, I felt were not genuine. I never got a single paisa from that work option. Some sites advertise that it is open to international members, but when one registers and starts the work will know that most of the earning options are not available to them. In a way, its cheating. And some sites send cookies and viruses to your system and disable various functions or tracks down the passwords and other personal information.

After that I would've called up and checked numerous sites claiming to provide a reliable and good work at home opportunity. But they all ask for initial money/deposit and nobody guarantees genuine earning. My experience had been bad.At last I came across some genuine sites and jobs. During the search, I learnt a lot.

Most genuine jobs are available at bidding sites like elance, guru, freelancer, etc.People can bid on projects. The winner gets the job. Some jobs are long-term and some are short term. A couple of problems with these bidding sites are that they are very popular and the competition is fierce. Also, payment can be tricky. It might be possible to find telecommuting positions as well, from the larger employment websites or classifieds.

If you check the net, you will vast amount of resources of work. How do you know which ones are real and which ones are fake? Just go for the sites that have a lot of credible amount of information. Choose sites that are specialized.If you have to pay a fee to get a job, it's a scam. There are absolutely NO online data entry/form filling works from home jobs where you will make $1000 or more a week part-time or even full-time. If you think that a job which you came across might be a scam, you can research the company by going to


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    • gr8archer45 profile image

      gr8archer45 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Very true nkro, internet scams are everywhere and many people suffer problems because of them. It is not easy to recongnize scams these days.

    • profile image

      Barb 9 years ago

      Great hub. I gave you a thumbs up. There are so many scams out there we all have lost time and money on them. It is very important that we do our research and DD to check a company out before we give them any money.