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How to get Barangay Clearance in the Philippines

Updated on April 15, 2015

What is Barangay Clearance

Barangay Clearance is document certifying the applicant or the person has a good standing (nor criminal records) as a resident.

Your Barangay clearance is certified and signed by the Barangay Captain with the official stamp of Barangay Seal.

Why you need one?

We need Barangay clearance because this is one of the basic requirement in getting mayors permit, employment requirements, bank requirements, affidavits, medical, and for other supporting documents whenever any office requires it.


  1. First thing to do is go to your Barangay Office on your barangay
  2. Tell the Officer that you will need a Barangay Clearance and they will ask you for what purpose you will used it.
  3. The officer will give a piece of paper and you will put your Full Name, Address, Birth Date and Time of Service (Current Time).
  4. Other Barangay Office will require your Cedula, Valid ID's that has your address but this is optional.
  5. Other Barangay Office will require you to pay necessary fees.
  6. Wait for your clearance (it will not take 10 minutes)
  7. That's all you're done!

Barangay Clearance Example


The clearance has no validity period or expiration date. But other company when acquiring employment require newly issued clearance.


Barangay Clearance is different from Poilice and NBI Clearance. in order to get them you need to apply for them separately.

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