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How Can I Raise $1,000

Updated on November 4, 2009

You need $1,000 to buy books for a course you want to take.  You have no money.  How can you get money for this worthwhile project fast?

Find sympathetic mentors.  Whatever field of study, there are those that have gone before you.  Often they establish scholarships for students needing assistance.  Ask you school counselor for help finding these sources.

Write letters to friends and family.  You need only ten people to give $100 (Or twenty to give $50, fifty to give $20...)  Make a newsletter that ells a little about your life.  Give intersting details.  Include your goals, your career path, and your progress to date.  Then present the need:  To further your goals, this course is required and the cost is $1,000.  Would you consider participating in my future?  I am open to gifts of any size, and if you can't give anything I understand.  But many of you have said "If you need anything, let us know".  I thought i would just go ahead and let it be known what i need, and if anyone is able to help, I would be so thankful!  You may send your gift directly to ( name of school, school book store, or financial aid officer can help you with this part).  Be sure you let people know that it is possible to use a credit card.  Talk to the school and find out how they handle these things.

Talk to your bank.  $1,000 is not very much money to a banker.  You might even be able to get a 'signature loan' or a small line of credit.

Do you have a credit card?  Does any one you know have one? Offer to pay their credit card's interest on your portion of the balance.

Get a job!  It If you get a job, even an apprentice or intern in your field of study, you will be surprised how others will want to help you along your way.  They might even have tuition reimbursement or job placement after graduation.

Talk to your church.  They might be able to help. Make an appointment, don't just show up.  Find out who the right person to talk to is, then call and ask for a few minutes of time. While they might not just give you money, they might know some one who does things like that, or they might have some other interesting ideas.

Sell something!  If you have a car, a scooter, a computer... Anything of value that another person might want.

Ask for a discount.  See if there are used books.  Can you make payments? 

Let me know if any of these ideas work for you.  Good luck.

Sell something!



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    • gary777g profile image

      gary777g 8 years ago from Springdale, AR

      Hi Teresa, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, these ideas have worked, and others too. Gary

    • Teresa Laurente profile image

      Maria Teresa Rodriguez - Laurente 8 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

      Wow, I am kind of shy to do some of these. Did it work for you? Anyways, thank you for this very helpful information gary777g. More power.