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How Changing Jobs Can Improve Your Life Forever!

Updated on September 16, 2015

Why Change Careers?

Most of us are like mould, we find a comfort zone and stay there - but in truth changing jobs can be hugely beneficial in all aspects of our lives!

Changing jobs comes with so many other aspects and opportunities, you probably havent even thought of all of them.

1. Changing jobs means growing new networks, new friends, new professionals, new social gathering opportunities - if you are single its quite possible your ideal match is at your next place of work or affiliated with your next new job!

2. Changing jobs means exposing yourself to new ways of DOING things. Ever heard that saying "Doing things the same way always yields the same results"? Somewhere out there somebody can teach you how to do things better, or spark some new ideas of your already brilliant techniques!

3. Changing jobs could mean changing industries which could finally mean you LEARN new things. Experience is invaluable.

4. Changing jobs creates multiple new avenues of opportunity. So maybe this new job isnt exactly your dream career, but who knows where it may lead? Suddenly you have new networks, new knowledge, new experiences and are more attractive to employ elsewhere!

5. New CONFIDENCE. Yes, interviews generally suck, but they don't have to! use every opportunity to practice your self presentation skills and take note of your interviewers name and designation, they too are now part of a new network for you!

6. New job = NEW SALARY! Its a known fact that if you stay in a job too long the newer recruits will suddenly be employed at a salary higher than yours! yes, your salary rarely stays market related. So keep yourself in the money by changing jobs every 3 years or so!

7. New job = MORE AMBITION. peopple who have been at the sam ejob for a very long time are assumed to be a little lazy. Yes, you are loyal but the truth is we all know you dont like change and aren't motivated! So get up and go go go change your life, your career and your possibilities!

Find your Passion!


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