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How I Earn Money Through My Smartphone?

Updated on January 26, 2017


My number 1 on my list is the app called Grabpoints. Grabpoints have been one of my favorite apps for earning online because it provides me the quality service from the app itself to the customer service.Well, basically, to earn money in Grabpoints all you have to do is to install, launch and play certain games, answer some surveys, read some articles, watch and comment on some videos, link your social media accounts like Facebook and a lot more, which is not that hard to do and takes only a little time to accomplish based on the offer.

Every time that I will have any problem for some reasons like points that are not being credited or if I have questions that I want to ask, you can contact their support and they will contact you, no matter what. You just have to take some screenshots of the offer; if it's an app, prove that you have installed it and if it is an offer prove that you have done it. If they found out that you really finished an offer or installed the app, then they will message you with a promo code in your email that you will put in the promo code section to redeem the points.

But what I don't like about this, is they will give you points much lower than what you actually should receive from the not credited offer. In spite of this, their customer support is nice and really replies to your messages compare to other app support. This is one of the major reasons that I love and stay to have this app.

Grabpoints App
Grabpoints App | Source

From the start of the app you will be asked for a referral code and after you input it, you will have automatically 500 points which means $0.5 ($1=1000 points). After you have collected a minimum of 3000 points you can already redeem a reward of $3 on PayPal or amazon, but if you really want higher rewards you need to double your effort to earn more points.

What I love in Grabpoints is the presence of promo codes. This is where you can put codes which can add-up to your points, you can easily find some on Youtube and Facebook. You can also earn it by answering some trivia questions, joining Grabpoints contest and a lot more. Promo Codes really help me a lot to accumulate points much effective and faster than just installing apps and reading articles combined.

In my case I have already redeemed for a $3 PayPal Reward and now I just have to wait for it to be forwarded in my account in PayPal. It took me less than 2 weeks before I redeem my 1st ever reward in Grabpoints, but I swear that it will going to be worth it. After all, you did not do the hardwork but easywork because every task in this app is not hard to accomplish and can be done in the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

You can use this app may be on your Leisure time for just some extra money, but you cannot make a life out of this app okay; it is just for earning little amount of money while in bed with little effort. Please still work hahahaha. But in general, Grabpoints is one of the best time killers with a lot of benefits especially for financial; so totally recommend.

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Survey SectionGet Started SectionGrabpoints Offer SectionApplications SectionVideos SectionArticles SectionPromo Code SectionReward Store
Survey Section
Survey Section | Source
Get Started Section
Get Started Section | Source
Grabpoints Offer Section
Grabpoints Offer Section | Source
Applications Section
Applications Section | Source
Videos Section
Videos Section | Source
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Articles Section | Source
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Promo Code Section | Source
Reward Store
Reward Store | Source


The second and last app that I am using to earn money using my phone is Whaff. This app is just like how you will use Grabpoints but with less task. Whaff offers launching, playing and keeping apps, you should also check or redeem your attendance so you can earn $0.010 and you really need a lot of referrals to this app since every referral will give you $0.3 which I think the biggest reward I have received in this app.

When installing app you will be given a one time point, but keeping and playing it will earn you money every day with the maximum days require in keeping the app, when you reach the maximum of days of the app you will receive a daily play reward ranging from $0.05-0.1 so you should really keep every app you will download. Like I said you need to play these games also, but don't worry; you don't need to play it for an hour but only for 1-3 minutes.

Whaff App
Whaff App | Source

After doing every task here in Whaff I never really encountered any problems about not being credited or something because it always works every time you completed every offer. So no fear for the occurance of some issues regarding points after finishing the task because until now I have never contacted whaff support about points issue.

In terms of the minimum requirement, to redeem a reward you need to have $10.5. With this amount, you can already exchange it for an award which includes Amazon Giftcard and Karma Koin Giftcard, follow by $11 Paypal, Google Playcard and a lot more.

So far I never redeem any reward from this app because I just started less than a week and to be honest, there aren't too many things to do like what Grabpoints offer such as answering surveys, reading articles and the most functional for me the promo code, but I can see the progress and this app has a million of downloads and have positive reviews so I can say this app is really reliable for some extra bucks you want to have.

Same from what I say from Grabpoints, you can't make a living with this app also; so you better still work, work , work for the better and for much higher salary. Use this in your free time and as a work from home app. Lastly, just enjoy installing and playing games while earning on your bed.

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Applications section
Applications section | Source
Attendance Section
Attendance Section | Source
Referral Section
Referral Section | Source
Reward Store
Reward Store | Source


To conclude, Grabpoints and Whaff are two of the major and popular apps where you can earn money in an easy and convenient way. A lot of people already redeemed and until now using these apps which proved that these apps are legit and reliable. In the end, all things I said here in my 2nd blog is just ways how you can earn money through apps, but you are still the one who will decide whether you will use it or not. It's your choice and I will respect it no matter what.

But for some people who are interested in installing this app, then a little piece of advice is you should have a lot of patience. Yes, this app can offer easy and fast money, but not for everyone, especially if there is not that much offer in the app itself so have a lot of patience. In this world now, make use of effort; Effort should be exerted to earn money even if in small amount. If you will be a person who will have these good qualities, then I will guarantee that you will be an excellent user of Grabpoints and Whaff.

Anyway, Thank you very much for reading my hub. I really appreciated it, please don't forget to answer the poll below and leave a comment about what can I improve on and what you love or hate in this article. Once Again, Thank you.

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