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How I Make Money On Ebay Part One

Updated on September 19, 2013

A Little About Me

I served in the US Army right out of high school, during peacetime, I studied hard and made soldier of the quarter during basic training. (I did it for the befits which lasted a life time ohh and the weekend pass) When I got out of the service, I found myself floundering from job to job... Then came hurricane Hugo, my step father and I with the help of 10 guys took a tractor trailer of building materials and chainsaws down to South Carolina... where I stayed after and got a great roofing job, which I hated and didnt do well at since I dont like heights... I did it but didnt like it...

Well I found a job selling cars, I loved it, studied hard and made very good money at it for many years, the only problem was my drinking... Now after a few days strung together I have not had a drink in a few years.

Homeless at one point from my drinking I found AA, learned that the car industry was very dangerous to me, that king of the hill lifestyle caused me to fall into old habits quickly... but I needed to make a living, and sales seemed to be the only thing I was good at...

i had a bunch of dead end jobs that kept me in this or that rooming house. then I found an ad on the internet, selling vacations!!! wow, are you kidding me I can sit in my room and make money on the internet... back then you could list time share certificates (which I didnt understand) at the time I really thought people got a vacation from what I sold... Well I started with 3 day packages, and the checks started flowing in... sometimes people sent me cash right through the mail... as it turned out this was a scam, I honestly didnt know it when I was selling them...

Next Came Adult Movies

So before I turned my life over to God, I got out of the vacation business, just as eBay was restricting the sale of these packages to travel agents. I found a place to buy adult dvds for 75 cents each, I listed them on ebay and sold them for 4 bucks each...

This was fine, but God tugged at my heart strings, and I gave it up... then I tried building and selling websites, and hosting, I rode every wave there was but never clicked with any of them... I even had "legal weed" which is not so legal anymore...

Dad walking My Wife down an isle of bikes at our wedding
Dad walking My Wife down an isle of bikes at our wedding

Gave Up On Life

For years I didnt sell on ebay, drifted around, but the always looked around for that one scam or con job that would pay off big for me... I call them scams and con jobs because we all have seen their ads... get rich fire your boss tomorrow...

I tried multi level marketing... I tried anything including going back to selling cars for a few days before I started hanging out with the guys after work at the bars... no I didnt pick up a drink...

I was living on my bike, floating from here to there, a very carefree life style, when I got a call from my mother asking me to come home and help with dad, he had Alzheimer's and was getting bad.. So being the good son LOL by far I was the most trouble of all my brothers and sisters... I headed home to help mom out it was the least I could do for all the trouble I gave her over the years...

Dad was a full time job until he passed away, I miss him and the crazy things he did to keep me on my toes... but he slept alot and I was bored, I decided to try and build a hobby on ebay to keep me busy... I searched for days, it may have even been weeks, when I found the flags on ebay... seen that people were selling them, and that maybe I could make a buck or two doing ti as well...

Flags over the entrance of the chapel at Valley Forge Military Academy
Flags over the entrance of the chapel at Valley Forge Military Academy

SJ Flags Was Started

So after finding a product I had to find a source to buy them... LOL justy like me putting the cart before the horse... I knew what I wanted to sell but couldnt find where to buy it. Looking back I wish I would have done more research, because without God I would have failed in this eventure quickly...

After searching for days I found a wholesaler, but they needed a 2500.00 first order... so I kept looking... I never gave a thought to just how many flags I needed to start.. I just dove in like I normally do... this time it has paid off, but there has been many tears along the way with many failed products...

So I found a place, $800.00 bucks is all I needed to start... hmmmm can anyone say credit card??? if I failed again I just wouldnt pay the credit card... poor thinking but it was my mindset at the time... called and ordered the flags.... then I had to wait... 7 days before they arrived... it wasnt but a few days later and the bill came for the credit card...

Two years ago that was, now I regular place orders for well over 2000.00 a week in flags, I have a warehouse, and I am currently looking for the right employee to help me run the business...

Now with all that said, I have decided that I want to pass on my knowledge, I want to write about some of the things that worked for me, some of the things that didnt, how I grew from selling almost nothing to being one of the main sellers on ebay for flags.

Now as I close for today, I hope that you follow me, on what will be an exciting journey into the world of eBay from someone actually making a living on eBay...

by the way if you want to check out what I am currently selling on ebay here is a link to my ebay store. SJFlags is my user ID

How I Make Money On eBay Part Two the next part in this series.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You have quite an interesting story. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      6 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      Thank you for the follow... I plan to write quite a bit in the coming days and weeks... After years of selling on eBay, and making a good living, I feel it only fair to share what God so freely gave me as a blessing, in hope that I may bless someone else...

    • alocsin profile image

      Aurelio Locsin 

      6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      This is quite an inspiring story and I will follow you to see where it leads. Hope you do the same for me. Voting this Up and Awesome.


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