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How Important is Listening Skills in Professional Life?

Updated on November 24, 2013

In our everyday existence, most of us tend to be very busy during which many of us overlook listening. This is a particular skill set that is not really given emphasis in teaching language. We become complacent that obviously practically all pay attention to words on auto-pilot and so, there's no need to strengthen listening being language proficiency. Just how possibly, this isn't correct.

What is listening?

To begin with we have to understand the concise explanation of listening. Listening is an active course of action which intern spoken words are transformed into meaning within the thought process.

Let me give you are picture of a girl that is just hearing. Now that is simply doing a passive action. In which a person will detect the sounds produced by the environment around him or her. Generally, most of us encounter hearing in common situations. Essentially what goes on for instance is you get a phone call of a company that introduces their new product while you are participating in a meeting. Upon hearing a word or two from the other line, you may decide to turn off the call, as it is currently distracting you from something more important that you are doing.

However, in another scenario, a person can take in a call in a very welcomed and effective way. This requires active action, which then results to the act of listening. By definition, listening needs conscious efforts and desire to process and determines what the meaning of the words that is being heard. This will happen if you are interested of thinking and processing what you are hearing. Ultimately, we can say that a person may be hearing without listening, but he or she cannot listen without hearing.

Further Explanation of Listening

To further discuss listening skills, here follows some of the things that will intervene with our effective listening skills. The truth is there are a lot reasons that explains why people are not able to listen effectively. These include interruption, faking focus or focusing out, quickly letting emotions rule over, jumping to a conclusion, prejudging a topic, getting distractions, wrong center of concentration, exclusively gathering facts, and impartiality whilst hearing out, avoiding certain topics that is not of preference, and so on.

Basically, as there are barriers to listening skills that are effectively executed, strategies are available to effectively develop them. You can certainly enhance your listening skills by simply following a few of the techniques pointed out down the page.

by maintaining eye-to-eye contact with the speaker, providing signs that you happen to be making an effort to be involved in listening, focusing on content, and not with the delivery, avoiding psychological input, avoiding interruptions, refraining from creating an instantaneous reaction, asking questions, using the space between rate of dialog, willingness to take future revisions, choosing the suitable environment, and staying active through communicating with them for own self.


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