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How Is SEO Writing Different From Other Types of Online Writing?

Updated on September 22, 2012

There are various types of online content that is available. Each unique piece of content is there for a reason to sell something, inform, share, or even tell a story. These articles lead us down paths from business to imagination. Writing is there to open discussion other times just to open our minds to new ways of thinking.

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All this simply means is that there is a difference in the types of writings that you come across. SEO content is a type of writing that deserves a section of its own.

Types of online content

With all the new, available resources for people to create content on, it seems there is a never ending supply of information.

Bloggers: Bloggers use content to convey thoughts about how they feel on a variety of topics. These topics are usually personal in nature. They form opinions in their writings.

News Articles: They are there to convey information about news from a variety of sources. Provide us information to make an informed decision.

Press releases: is information relating to the news of a product or business that is an introduction

Social networking: Is a new format to release information in smaller snippets that link to others.

Now these are the basics when it comes to online content. They are just base explanations, of all the different types of content and there definitions. However, they can be expanded on quite a bit.

In the (SEO), search engine optimization content is used to provide information in the hopes that you will want more. To get more, you will need to go to another location on the web that has a lot of vital information. This type of content has a specific purpose just like the ones above. However, this content can associate with all the different types of content. To get the information to the user in a single location.

What is SEO content writing?

When creating SEO articles, the key to writing content effectively is in your use of keywords. These keywords are then integrated to your article and the content can be distributed. The SEO articles that are written have a very specific function. That is to get the readers to perform a function a call to action.

The SEOs articles call to action will entice the visitor to the article to click a link to another website. This website is then used to sell, inform, or distribute certain information that the visitor is requesting.

The SEO portion of the content that you are writing is to help get the website into a better ranking position than it had before. As, the search engines keep searching for more related content to be located, so does our need for constant monitoring of SEO. The articles that you have written for SEO contain the information the web searcher is searching for.

Having the right keywords in your articles are going to allow for those specific ones that describe our business is found easily. The article SEO content will then be found by the search engines and displayed when someone uses those keywords. The more SEO articles and original information you have out there the better your chances of winding up in the top 3 pages of Google.

Why SEO content writing is a must for businesses?

If, you are informing, selling, or contributing to a business online then you need to be found. If, your information is not easily found among web surfers for that information then it is not going to be the best for your bottom dollar.

SEO articles can be used in a number of ways to entice people to come and see what all the speculation is about. Let them know that you have a solution to the dilemma that they are searching for. Make sure the content you are creating is fresh, original, and unique. If, you follow the basic outline then your content will be well above your competition.

When writing about SEO content then you need to remember that the SEO content you are writing about should represent the keywords you are using. Use them effectively and distribute them throughout your article.


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  • midninightsoiree profile image

    midninightsoiree 5 years ago from Philippines

    SEO is dying. =){

  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 5 years ago from Florida

    thanks glad i could help :)

  • amithak50 profile image

    amithak50 5 years ago from India

    actually ,It is different because we have follow some strategies like keyword in title ,h1 tags,underline the works,bold .So ,SEO copywriting is different than normal writing.Thanks your points are really very good

  • LucidDreams profile image

    LucidDreams 5 years ago from St Petersburg, Florida

    I enjoyed this article. I myself structure articles for the search engines. I have learned something along the way though. It is more vital to have visitor quality content then just focusing on seo. Actually, good content, which is developed for your visitors is exactly what Google and the other major search engines are looking for.

    The Google algorythm keeps changing. Quality content will rise to the top and always be aprt of a successful campaign.