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How Much Money Can A Person Make Online With Ebay

Updated on October 18, 2012

 It is often wondered by many how much money you can make on online with Ebay. A lot of peoples perception is that everyone sells their secondhad junk on there to make extra cash fast. Although this is true, this type of selling is in the minority. Years ago people did see that ebay was a quick way to make money just by getting rid of there old stuff online. Then the savy people came along and started to realise that ebay was a very effective business module and ebay started to change. Retail business and online business's started to use ebay as an extra way to sell there products then came along the people who only use ebay as there only outlet to sell their products. It is a cost effective way to have a business up and running on the internet, without the need of a website. Back in the early naughties ebay exploded and people were starting making hundreds of thousands of dollars in ebay revenue.

Some of these people sold new items, some of these people started sourcing desirable second hand items to resell and some people didn't even stock a single item yet were making 6 figure incomes. You really can become a millionaire from Ebay sales alone if you take it very seriously.

There are hundreds of millionaires as a result of having an online business with Ebay. Some just started with a handful of products to begin with and then reinvested what they made back into the business and grew and grew and grew. Can the average Person make a lot of money from ebay today? Certainly! There are many different ways you can start making money online today with ebay, ebay was probably the pioneer of some techniques of making money online.

So you maybe thinking, becoming a millionaire on ebay is going to be hard work, well yes it is but your efforts would be worth it. What if I was to tell you, you could make $30,000+ a year from ebay quite easily with a little hard work and the desire to make it work? Sound a bit more enticing? Well you most definitely can and these people are in the thousands, have manged to quite their day jobs and do this full time.

So how are some of the ways you can make money with ebay?

Sell your second hand items you have buried in the house. You might have some gems.

Source Secondhand items from bootsales/garage sales, Auction houses, charity shops, Markets, Online Classfied sites and even ebay itself. I used to use this ethod a lot to make money for my holidays or to get a new car or get the money together for a shopping spree. You may be thinking how can you make a decent amount with 3rd 4th 4th hand items. This is probably the easiest method to get you started making a regular income each week from ebay. If you look at secondhand designer clothing, clothing from the 60's 70's 80's ( designer is even better ). Tools, Car Parts, Retro Mobile Phones,Retro Computers. All these can make serious profit on ebay. These are all easy to find in the places I suggested to use, you can even find these on ebay under mispelled items or poorly listed and you can pick them up for a bargain and stick them straight back on. Now the key here is to stick to something you have an interest in, you will then want to take the time to source the items and learn what is worth what.

Buy wholesale items. There are many online wholesalers now that you can join up to straight away and start selling on ebay. I know people that have done it this way and started with £100 and turned it around in to thousands of pounds of profit, it does take a little time this time to do as you'll need to re invest your original outlay plus your profit back into stock to build up quickly. But this method does work and can be the most profitable.

Dropshipping. Ahaa, did I catch your attention earlier on when I said that people make thousands of dollars/pounds on by ebay by not even stocking a single product? Will this is how they do it. Dropshippers are like a wholesaler but what is different with these is you don't have to buy in bulk or even stock their goods they have to offer. You join with them, then they give you a slight discount on the RRP ( this wont be as good as wholesale ) but ebought to make a good profit, All you have to do is advertise what they stock, as if you stock it, on ebay.You then price it for whatever you like, then once you sell the item on ebay you then buy the product from the dropshipper at the cost it is to you, you then give them your buyers address and they send it out for you with no way of the buyer knowing it ever come from them, they'll think you sent it. You then keep the profit.


mp3 player dropshipper price to you £10 posted. You then place it on ebay ( you must add Paypal and Ebay fees on top) you place an ad on ebay and sell it for £20. You then buy the product from your dropshipper for £10 pass on your buyers address, they send it out, you've then got £10 profit - your paypal and ebay fees.

Dropshipping has been around for years. Remember them mail order products you used to see in catalogues and magazines? well they were dropshippers. Its now moved on to ebay.

When joining a dropshipper make sure you do some research on them first as there are few dodgy ones out there.

Make your own products. This is a great way to be unique and make large profits.

Sell digital products. The was a time ( pre 2008 ) where you could make ridiculous amounts of money from selling these but ebay put a stop to products being sent electronically. Pre 2008 You could sell a digital product (for 100% profit ) and send it to the customer via email which meant no postage and packaging costs. Some people made loads of money with this type of selling. Digital products now have to be a physical product, which means putting it on a CDR or DVDR. You can still make good money from digital proucts but maybe not as much as you could as easily as you could in the good old days.

To read more on this and find out how you can still make a lot of money from eBooks then read this.

Have more than one of these suggestions and you could be earning thoushands in very little time.

So when someone frowns when you say you have a ebay business, just smile.


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